Pittsfield, Wisconsin By: Mason McDermid

Community Park Sign
Map of Pittsfield
Townhall for Pittsfield 3041 Kunesh North Road Pulaski WI 54162

1.) They are voting on getting a New Fire Truck so far everyone has voted yes they just need to get the money and the payments situated.

2.) Repair St. Augustine, and accepted bid from MMC for $165,518.30. Also clean Robert Fischer clean the ditch on Hillside Dr.

3.) they are holding fundraisers for new rescue squad equipment, it's bee a profitable year this year with $14,928 in general funds.

4.) Consider application of Carl Krueger to rezone, A-1 B-1.

5.) Better lighting system for the park and getting money to do that project.

Explain how local government is handeling this? I think they are hindering it good, they are all throwing in some money so it can happe. We should start a foundraiser for this if we want more people to be on the same track as us. Having a New Fire Truck would be great, Pittsfield has had a few fires this year so more fire trucks the better.

How I feel they are handling this? I think they are doing a great job, they should start a foundraiser to get more money. New Fire Truck would show that we can get nice things like a Fire Truck, it can also so for homes, or lives.

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