Headteacher'S update 31.01.2020

Headteacher's update 31.01.2020

Happy New Year and welcome to the first HT update of 2020.

Our National Qualification Prelim examinations are now complete and young people will be receiving their results over the coming weeks if they haven't already.

More importantly, perhaps, is the guidance, advice, support and hard work that follows Prelim examinations irrespective of Prelim performance.

We have introduced a tiered intervention approach to supporting young people which will mean that class teachers, principal teachers, our guidance team and our Depute Headteachers will be working closely together to ensure all young people are supported to continue to raise their levels of attainment as we proceed towards the SQA examinations. This may mean that someone from the school will be in contact with you shortly to discuss how best we support your young person.

I know I can count of your support to continue to work in partnership with us to encourage and motivate our young people to achieve their very best in their SQA examinations.

Ski trip

28 young people, 3 staff and 1 volunteer had an amazing start to 2020 by spending a week in France skiing. See some photos below:

My thanks go to Miss Steele (Trip lead), Mr Duncan, Miss Stitt and Mr O'Kane for supporting the trip and ensuring that our young people had an excellent experience.

Listening to our school community

Prior to the Christmas holidays and similarly to last year, I forwarded a questionnaire to all parents and carers as part of our school’s self-evaluation. I shared the full analysis from this self-evaluation activity with our Parent Council last week and I share with you today extracts from this linked to our 3 school improvement priorities as well as the leadership and management of our school (see below).

For all graphs, orange circles and lines represents the percentage of parents and carers who Agreed or Strongly agreed with the highlighted statement. Blue circles and lines represent the percentage of parents and carers who Strongly agreed only.

Our Parent Council is well attended and discussion very much focusses on how we can, collectively, continue to progress on our school improvement journey. You are all very much welcome and the next meeting is to be held on Monday 2nd March at 7pm, Strathearn Community Campus.

Leadership and Management of the school

HT summary - After 15 months in post, I am pleased to see an increase in these measures and I hope to see a further increase next year. Thank you for your continued support.

Self-evaluation for self-improvement

HT summary - I am pleased to see an increase in parent and carer involvement in school-level decision-making but headroom for improvement still exists. More to follow.

Learning, teaching and assessment

HT summary - I am pleased to see that there has been an increase in pace and challenge within our classrooms but, as yet, this has not impacted positively enough on pupil progression. I believe it will as we continue to improve. As a school, we need to consider how we better support parents and carers to better understand how young people are assessed throughout their time at Crieff High School.

Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion

HT Summary - I am pleased to see an increase in your recognition that young people increasingly feel safe in school and that their emotional wellbeing is better supported. There is more to follow as curricular changes to PSE and PSU as well as the introduction of SQA Mental Health and Wellbeing are introduced with the aim of providing better support to our young people .


Celebrating success - slice of success

Congratulations to Niamh, Ross, Fergus and Jennifer.

Congratulations and well done to Dylan, Mairi, Anna, Katie, Wallace, Donald, Isla and Tyrone.

S4 - S6 Slice of success recipients (left to right) - Tomas, Ryan, Rian, Kairistiona, Roxanne, Mirin and Kaylin.
S1 - S3 Slice of success recipients (left to right) - Rebecca, Dorothy, Jessie, Chloe, Logan, Felix, Kyle and Brodie.
Staff slice of success for our Music Instructors, Drama and Music teachers as well as Nick Keiller, Julie Petrie and Janice Orchard. Congratulations to all.

Celebrating success - S1 Enterprise

Well done to Pink Pamper Package for their excellent S1 Enterprise poster and presentation. All young people involved performed well, well done.

Celebrating success - Rotary young musician

Congratulations and well done to Noah Chalamanda (S4) who won the Rotary Club of Auchterader and District Young musician of the year award.

Celebrating success - Badminton

More Badminton success for Abbie Brooks winning the girls U17 singles and U17 mixed doubles tournament in Perth.
Young people from Crieff High School 'hanging around' at Climbing Club.

Staffing update

Martin Blacklaws retires after 30 years service at Crieff High School and 38 years service to Perth & Kinross. We wish him well in his retirement at the end of term. The vacated Teacher of PE post will be advertised over the next 2 weeks with interviews to be held shortly thereafter.

We have welcomed a number of student teachers to Crieff High School this term in English, Social Subjects, Biology, PE, CDT, Maths and French. We look forward to working with them over the coming weeks.

Finally, I wish the 31 young people, 4 staff and 1 volunteer a safe and enjoyable trip to New York next week. I hope you have an excellent experience.

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As always, please be in touch if you have a success story to share.

You can email us at CrieffHigh@pkc.gov.uk or phone us on 01764 657700.

Strathearn Community Campus (January 2020)