Raoul Wallenberg ELA 102nd Hour

Many people know of the oppression Jewish people faced in Nazi controlled places during WW2. But they don't necessarily know the stories of those who fought to save them, this is the story of Raoul Wallenburg.

Raoul Wallenburg was born in 1912 in Stockholm, Sweden. In the 1930s, he finished his studies in the United States, he established a business in Sweden. He was then recruited by the US War Refugee Board, or WRB, in 1944 to travel to Hungary, and serve as a Swedish diplomat. The task he was given was to save Hungarian Jews. ("Raoul Wallenberg And The Rescue Of Jews In Budapest").

Wallenberg surrounded by his colleagues in Budapest.

When he arrived in Hungary, the Hungarians and Germans had already sent nearly 440,000 Jewish people to be sent to concentration camps in German-occupied Poland, where approximately 320,000 had already been killed at arrival, and the rest during camp labor. With authorization from the Swedish government, he began writing out certificates of protection for Hungarian Jews. He used funds to establish hospitals, nurseries, a soup kitchen and more than 30 safe-houses. When the Arrow Cross movement took over, they once again deported Jews to concentration camps. Wallenberg didn't let this stop him. He often personally intervened to secure the release of those with certificates or forged papers. ("Raoul Wallenberg And The Rescue Of Jews In Budapest").

After the liberation of Budapest, more than 100,000 Jews remained, mostly because of the efforts Wallenberg had made. ("Raoul Wallenberg")

Raoul Wallenberg was last seen with Soviet officials on January 17, 1945, when the Red Army besieged Budapest. He had been detained on suspicion of espionage, and, in 1956, the Soviet government declared he had died on July 17, 1947. Though, many people claimed they had seen him after that date, and his true date of death may never be known. In October of 2016, the Swedish government, finally declared him dead 71 years after his disappearance ("Raoul Wallenberg And The Rescue Of Jews In Budapest").

Unfortunately, Raoul Wallenberg, despite having saved many more Jews than most of the organizations, is not well known outside of Sweden. Though there are several monuments, including one in his hometown- Stockholm, Sweden.("Raoul Wallenberg : Center For Holocaust & Genocide Studies : University Of Minnesota")

The Raoul Wallenberg Memorial in Stockholm, Sweden.

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