Montgomery Bus boycotts December 5 1955- December 20 1956

The Montgomery bus boycott started when Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up to a white person on the bus. She would get arrested and charged. .

Because of Rosa Park's arrest it would cause a boycott on buses by Martin Luther King Jr. and fellow african american people in Montgomery. The boycott is basically take other ways to go to places other then buses and paid vehicles.

The main goal of this boycott is to change the law about segregation. The boycott lasted for about 381 days until the U.S. supreme court segregated seating on buses meaning anyone can sit on the bus and there are equal rights. People such as Martin Luther King Jr and other black ministers helped out with the boycotting. They had a impact with the American civil rights movement and have support for Parks. Some challenges are Roses Parks arrest and figuring out that black people aren't demanding a change in the segregation laws. This basically effects today too because of the civil rights and segregation. This is mostly similar to racial segregation. Today people are still be racial segregated mainly because of what people do in public for example if someone sits at a restaurant and the waiter takes a long time to serve you but you see the waiter serve people after you sat this is most likely racial segregation.

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