Irvin McDowell amara gibson

Irvin McDowell was born October 15th, 1818 in Columbus, Ohio

Irvin McDowell was the son of Eliza Seldon McDowell and Abraham Irvin McDowell. He was also the cousin-in-law of John Buford and he attended Troyes college in France.He also graduated from a US military academy. One of his classmates ended up being foe at the battle of Bull Run..

He faced pressure from others to attack the confederacy although he did not want to. When he finally did attack, he lost his position as General to George B. McClellan due to his army's loss of the battle.

Irvin McDowell is mostly remembered for his defeat in the battle of Bull Run. He is also known for commanding the 1st corp of the army of the Potomac.

He was commander and General of two different parts of the Army. Then he left and went to protect in Washington D.C. before going back to the army for the second time.

Irvin McDowell is most admirable to me because of all of his positions he had. He was commander and General twice on two different occasions.

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