Humans are currently causing the greatest extinction event of the past 60 million years or so. In a way, humans are likely to cause one of the single greatest changes of the fossil record imaginable. There are so many human activities that decreases the animal population which is causing extinction. Extinction are mainly caused by humans because of how many things they do to hurt the population of animals like killing other animals for food or interfering with their natural defenses. While introduced species use natural processes once they are in the wild, the underlying cause of their destruction is usually human interference.

Natural Causes Of Extinction

Natural causes of extinction would be increased human populations, destruction/fragmentation of habitat polluting, and climate change/global warning. All of these examples are all natural causes of extinction. Increased human populations would mean that there all a lot of humans in the world then animals which the humans are doing all sorts of things that are destroying the animal populations. Also another natural cause of extinction would be habitat polluting. Humans could be the cause of that because they pollute not only the animal's habitat they also pollute the air and the environment around us. The major factor that causes extinction is climate change because it threaten the persistence of populations and species.

The 6th Mass Extinction

Top causes of current extinctions would be over hunting animals like elephants because they are about to be extinct. Also destruction of habitat and what's causing that, are humans. Another cause would be population- carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. Mostly all those things are most likely caused by humans. All of these factors work in synergy with each other, causing the fastest rate of extinction ever seen. Large bodied animal and rare species are more prone to the changes caused by humans to the planet. Extinctions can disrupt our ecological processes like pollination and seed distribution and a collapse of the food chain which can cause more extinctions.

Causes Of Extinction

The causes of extinction would be pverexploition- since prehistoric times, humans used the earth's recourses to enrich their own lives. Dieseases and paradise- the phenomena of dieseases often weaken organisms and interfere with metabolic function. Another major cause of extinction is global warming, which is also known as global climate change. During the past century, the Earth's average temperature has risen by almost 1°C (about 1.3°F).

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