Meat VS Vegan By: Mario Garcia and Khaliq Flanagan

Meat is something the world eats every day. But what some don't know is that it is the main contributor to polluting the Earth. On average a person eat 275 pounds of meat a year. There's over 1.5 billion cows on earth and they release over 65 gallons of methane each a day. Methane traps heat 25 times more than carbon dioxide. So all the waste the cows create it goes into our water creating dead zones. Also just to produce one pound of beef take 2,000 gallons of water. We can choose to produce 225 pounds of meat or 25,000 pounds of plant made food.

People that eat vegetables produces 50% less carbon dioxide, uses 1/11 of oil, 1/13 of water, 1/18 of land compared to a meat eater. Witch this kind of diet it will reduce water consumption. 70% of water is used for agriculture.


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