Andreas Vesalius

Early Life

Andreas Vesalius was born on December 31, 1514 in the city of Brussels. The city was then part of the Holy Roman Empire. Today it is the capital of Belgium. Vesalius had two brothers and one sister growing up.

His father, Andries van Wesele, was a pharmacist to the court of Margaret of Austria. His mother, Isabel Crabbe, raised her children in a suitable home situated in a reasonable neighborhood.


Andreus attending college in Louvian. He was a smart student for his age. It was not common for people to attend college during these days. Vesalius's dad did not attend college, so this was a big moment of family pride. He studied art and Latin at this college. Graduating with an arts degree in 1532, he was accepted into the University of Paris’s prestigious medical school.

Achievement One

After college, Andreus when even further with his academic performance and attended medical school. He went to medical school to study atonomy. Vesalius impressed his profesor so much at medical school that his profesor asked him write an atonomy book with him.

Achievement Two

Vesalius's second achievement was by attending a more advanced military school. He wanted to challenge himself even more than what he was already attending. Soon Andreus was asked to do many challenging tasks. Such as doing an autopsy on an 18 year old girl. Soon after he started to teach other student attending the school.

Achievement Three

Finally, the last achievement of Andreus was that he bacame a professional doctor. This was Andreus dream since day one. He specialized in Atonomy. A judge like Andreus so much that he started supplying him with dead criminal bodies. Andreus life was complete he finally became a doctor.

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