Hola Marrùecos By Royna 3A


Hace nublado y Tuernos y Relampagos A MARÙECOS

Tuernos y relempagos (thunder and lightning)🌩⛈
Nublado ( cloudy)☁️☁️🌈


Los animales

Some of the animals in Marùecos ( Morocco 🇲🇦) are Leoporado cazador ( cheethas🐆) perezoso ( sloth)

Moroccan sloths (perezoso)
Leoporado cazador ( Cheethas)

Discribing los animales

Leoporado cazador

Cheetahs baby 👶

Leoparado cazador tiene......


Pelaje ( fur )

La Ropa

Las personas que viven probablemante se Ponen kaftan ( Vestido ) y Zapatillas de Cuero suave ( Soft leather slippers )


Created with images by Nick Kenrick.. - "Fes Morocco .. 1987" • Dimitry B - "Olive groves before rain, Around Volubilis, Morocco" • Unsplash - "clouds sky cloudy" • minkewink - "sloth costa rica puerto viejo" • Martin Pettitt - "Cheetahs" • skeeze - "cheetahs cubs two" • PatternPictures - "cheetah fur animal skin"

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