Author's Note

Helping create the 2017 Vanguard yearbook is one of my greatest accomplishments in life. It took a lot of time and effort, there were times when I wished I did not take the class. But, this class has taught me so many life lessons and helped me overcome many hardships. It was a great time with great people. If I struggled once and I made a mistake, the next time I did not make the same mistake because I learned from the past. This class helped It led me to a new PORTAL of my life, and can lead me to many career options.


"Don't worry about failures. Worry about the chances you miss when you don't take them"

Reflection: Yearbook class has taught me to not take time for granite. For example, when I was working on my first spread Evolution of Fashion, my spread partners and I wasted a month on getting ideas for the spread. Then, when it was about time for the rough draft check we had barely any pictures and quotes on our spread. We were scrambling around to get quotes and ask people to take their pictures. And since we weren’t the best of friends, at times it would be awkward since two of us are working and trying to finish the spread, but the other partner is goofing off. But that experience made me realize that deadlines are important and they help us track our progress and keep us on the right track. Furthermore, Yearbook has taught me to become more of an extrovert rather than an introvert. I couldn’t seclude myself and get the spread done, I had to go out into the school and ask people for quotes or take pictures of club meetings. This course is valuable because as I got to know more about the clubs or classes I covered, I got to know more about GSMST and my fellow students. It made me appreciate my fellow peers as we worked hard to complete the book. Making a yearbook is not easy and it is very important to consider that everyone in the school will eventually look at the book, and that increases the pressure on the yearbook staff, and make us more stressed. But the process of making a yearbook is easier when you are in a room with a group of people that have the same common goal, make a great book for everyone to see.

The Yearbook class has made me a better student. I am not just staying that to please you, but in reality this class can teach many lessons. It can help students procrastinate less and learn communication and photography skills. I know that with yearbook I have become a decent photographer, and I learned about photograph components such as aperture, ISO, and the different types of shots. Journalism class can lead me into several career options such as a landscape photographer. Yearbook helped give me an insight on what I would like to make my future look like, and the experience I gained from this course is truly invaluable. I would not have wanted to take any other course (at times when I was stressed I did but I am good now).

Chapter 1

It’s better to look back on life and say: I can’t believe I did that. Then say that I wish I did that.

Reflection #1:

The most significant spread I created for yearbook was the Honors Society spread. This spread was difficult for me to create because I did not know much about any honor society and I was not in any. Though, this spread was the most fun to make. I was scared to go to some of the honor society meetings since all of them are made up by upperclassmen and I am only a sophomore. I tried my hardest to go to most club meetings to take pictures and have a good selection of pictures to choose from, but that did not workout. At one point in the school year, I lost my SD card and all my pictures of Engineering Honors Society (EHS) were gone. That bothered me since I really wanted to include them on the spread, and I had really good pictures from the induction ceremony. In the end, I found the photos, but it was after the spread was published. I learned from that situation that I should have added the photos to the shared drive and I wouldn’t have to be scrambling for new pictures of EHS. Moreover, this spread is my best spread because I like the overall design and feel of the spread. It is one of the few spreads that have yellow print on it, and it makes the spread POP and looks aesthetically pleasing. In addition, I think that this spread has the best head compared to my other spreads. Also, I tried to include as many honor societies in the pictures as I could possibly do, though I was not able to include a picture of all the honor societies that could have been covered. I made up for that by including more details about the ones not covered in the copy. Most pictures were taken by me and the copy was written by me.

My Best Work of The Year(book)

Chapter 2

You may see me struggle, but you will never see me fall.

Reflection #2:

The piece of work that needs the most work is the Foreign language spread. I would not blame my partner of that spread for that issue since we both worked hard on that spread, and we put a lot of effort into it. I blame the fact that I was a rookie. It was my first academic spread ever, and I did not know how to make a good spread. There were many pictures that I was not satisfied with. I could not change the decent pictures to pictures that were better because I had such a low amount of photos to choose from. I did not invest enough time in the beginning of the school year in this project so it turned out to be the most basic spread. I put a lot of time and effort into that spread and I do not believe the outcome of the spread represents that. If I could go back in time and re-do the spread, I would make sure to start taking pictures of foreign language classes as soon as I got assigned to the spread.

In addition, writing the copy for that spread was difficult because I had to go around and find more information on all foreign languages except for Spanish II and there are over 10 different foreign language classes. But that did not stop me from trying my best. I knew coming into yearbook that my writing skills were not the best but they were decent, and with this course, I hoped that I could better my writing skills. The foreign language spread’s copy helped guide me to ask my peers to help me by looking over my copy and give me criticism. Thus resulting in a better copy and it was exciting to see how much I improved. Furthermore, the module of this spread was fairly easy because I had to cover only one person, and the person I chose was very easy to work with. Another writing-related issue that I overcame with this spread is to write good captions. After my rough draft comments were given to me I realized that I had an issue with passive voice when I write, so I did some research on writing in active voice to make the captions as best as they could be. I was able to write better captions because of that. Yearbook helped me become a better writer, and I am eternally grateful for that.


“ Don’t underestimate me. I know more than what I say. Think more than I speak & notice more than you realize.”

Reflection #3:

I believe that I was an asset to this yearbook staff because I showed that I cared about this class and the yearbook. If I had a spread that was due in the near future then I would work hard on it, and try to get it to be complete. I always asked the senior staff members to look over my spreads so I could make sure that the best spread possible could be made. I had a lot of hardships this year in journalism. Some were my fault but most were because of others. I hate it when I am trying to work on a spread and I am waiting on the other person to get their part done to complete the spread or when I am working my butt off on a spread and the other person is having fun on their computer and doing stuff that is not yearbook related. In these situations, I learned that it is a waste of time to get mad and consistently wait on someone to get their work done, and that if they don’t get it done themselves then I have to pick up the slack since the spread has to get published and I do not want to be the person that brings the class down.

Though I do not want to admit that the reason that I worked hard for yearbook was so I could receive an A, it was. I was talking to some of my friends and they said that yearbook is an easy A, but in reality it was not, One could only receive an A if they worked hard and put lots of effort, Thankfully I was able to receive an A, which was only possible because I devoted a lot of time into the class. I spent most of my time creating spreads at home because I had an organized my photos on my desktop because it has a large screen. I also stayed after a lot during first and second semester to take pictures of clubs and events that I needed for my respective spreads, For example, I had to stay after for the Engineering Honors Society induction ceremony, National Spanish Honors Society induction, and National Honors Society induction ceremony. In addition, my spread partner could not stay after a lot due to SCE so I had to take pictures of most of the Honors society meetings. But I did not mind, taking a lot of pictures made me a better photographer. Furthermore, I helped others out on their spreads that were not relevant to me. For example, Madison needed pictures of a Mock Trial meeting for the dominant photo of her spread and I was free so I was able to take the picture for her. I committed a lot of time into yearbook this year and I feel like it has been shown through my work.

The Final Chapter

“ The secret of life is to focus all your energy, not on fighting on the old, but on building the new”
A Head Start is one of my best spreads, but not my best spread. When making this spread my partner and I sat down and talked about how we could make this spread different from the others. We decided to make the headline pop but replacing the line in the letter t by making it an arrow. Which we thought was really cool. This spread still followed the basic spread rules by having an eye line and the most captions were not trapped. So the spread did look aesthetically pleasing and not sloppy. We both took great pictures, and I wrote the captions to all the photos. This content represents my best work because it has such a variety of photos that represents SCE, JFE, Sophomore Readiness/Job Shadow, and Freshman Speaker Series.
The copy for the Honors Societies spread is one of my best writing pieces for the yearbook. I enjoyed researching about the several honor societies that we have in the school. This is my best copy because of all the details that I have included in it.
Picture #1: Taken by Sruthi Santhanam. Picture #2: Taken by Jordan Lewis. Picture #3: Taken by Madison Greer . All Captions were written by me.
What I love most about the picture on the left is how it is Alyza and Kallebe genuinely smiling. I did not have to make them pose for me, also they show emotion. Furthermore, Alyza's hand is in a position that is leading a line. The photo on the right is a good picture that I have taken because there is action and leading lines. Also, the person in the photo is filling the frame making the picture worth while. The picture was also taken at a high angle, which changed the view. The photo on the bottom right was taken at an angle and view of this photo is what I like the most about it. It makes viewers able to see all of what he is doing, and I happened to be following the rule of thirds.
I love this module because I was able to seven people, and for the rest of my other modules I was only able to cover five or less people. One of the important things that I keep in mind when I make a spread is to cover as much people as possible, and with this spread I was able to do so.

Closing Note

I currently have an 88 in Yearbook. I believe that I deserve a 91 in this class because I work hard and I show that I care for this course. There has never been an issue with me getting something done for this class. I am always on top of things and I get stuff done on time. In addition, I put my soul into the spreads I worked on, I care how my spreads look like because they are a representation of me. Yes, I have been on my phone a lot in class, but I still get my work done and get it done well. One of my photos was chosen as a divider pic and that meant a lot to me because it meant that I could take good photos. Also, I help my fellow staff members in the class when they need me, I do not care only for myself but for the good of the book. Therefore, if I receive an overall grade of 91 in this class it is because I have contributed a sufficient amount into making this yearbook.


I cannot believe that I actually helped made the yearbook. It has been a wonderful time, and I would like to thank everyone who helped me throughout the year, especially Anam and Suma. They have truly helped me with my spreads and gave me lots of advice. I would also like to Thank Mr. Brown for his hard work, and leading the yearbook staff this year.

I went from struggling to get my student life spread to finishing my last academics spread before the actual due date. Yearbook class has taught me to become a more organized person because I have to take photos and make sure they are placed in the shared drive, and I have to organize how the spread will turn out.

My greatest accomplishment in this class is that I was able to make new friends, friends that I would not have if I never took this course. Though this class is very stressful and lots of hard work, Mr. Brown the adviser helped make this process less stressful and fun. I was able to have fun while I worked on completing spreads.

I cannot wait to be in yearbook next year and make another great book.

The End

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