How to become a Veterinarian By erika sabatino

In 2023 I will go to college and become a Veterinarian so I will study or learn about vets for 4-5 years.

description Of career

When you think of a Veterinarian you might think helping animals out but cutting them open that is true but there are different kind of Veterinarians so that do operation and some that just see whats wrong with the animals.

The 4 qualities

The qualities that you will need for this job is Integrity, Dependability, Attention to detail, Stress tolerance.

Lenght of Education

If you guys were wondering how long are you in college for is that you will be in college for 4-5 years.


To be a Veterinarian you need Doctoral degree and professional degree.

The skills you need

Problem Solving People and Technology Systems Working together Under standing whats going on

My 5 goals for becoming a Veterinarian

  1. I will help out dogs and cats for 3 years by 2020.
  2. I will become a Vet in 4 years of college after I get out of high school.
  3. I will visit Vet offices when I am still in college for 3 years so then I know what to do and take some notes when I am out of college in 2028.
  4. I will read more about vet books for the next few years so then I know some more information about vets.
  5. I will get my professional degree and my doctor's degree so I can be a vet.

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