Chapter 3 Compassion

The theme of this chapter is Compassion. I think Compassion means sympathy towards others. I think Compassion is used towards others especially dealing with suffering. My favorite story in chapter three that shows Compassion is when Looney comes to Father Greg's office and says that he has gotten straight A's. He only got one A but Father Greg doesn't mention it to him because he doesn't want to ruin his excitement, instead he tells Looney that he's proud of him.

Chapter 7 Gladness

The theme of this chapter is gladness. I think in this chapter it means being greatful for everything you have. In this chapter, my favorite story is when Father Greg takes Adam and Ricky on a flight with him to speak. He brings them because they were involved with gangs and then their little brother was killed for it. He brought them because he thought they needed it. I like the story because once the plane takes off they are so amazed and are both looking out the window. It makes me realize how lucky I am.

Chapter 8 Success

In chapter eight, the theme is success. I believe success is an accomplishment of any kind. Even if it's the littlest thing. My favorite story in chapter eight is about a woman named Soledad. Two of her sons were killed by a gang. She was very sad and a couple years later she was in hospital for irregular heartbeat when a guy was brought in on a gurney, fighting for his life. It was the gang member that had killed both her sons, instead of wishing for him to die, she prayed for him to live. She prayed for that because she didn't want his mom to go through what she went through. She was successful in the steps of forgiveness because after all that that guy put her through she still prayed for him.

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