Antonio Abbate

Art is not what you see, but what you make other's see. - Edgar Degas

Be Enlightened

Enlightened Clothing is a brand for Designers, Art lovers, and everyone else who loves fashion and standing out from the crowd. We pride ourselves on creating clothing like no other. Our passion for teaching the youth about the great world of Art fueled this project. We feel the way the newer generation is learning about Art history is old, outdated, and boring. Less of our youth are going to museums, and their exposure to Art is dwindling. Enter Enlightened.

How We Got Started

Enlightened came to be when the founder went online looking for something exactly like this. He wanted art based clothing to show off his passion. When he realized there was nothing like it, he took it upon himself to create a line of clothing that not only brought back some of the most iconic works of art, but also to teach a younger generation about the art that started it all.

Our Research

91 percent of Americans believe that the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education.

Studies show that kids who get more exposure to museums, impacted their overall attitude towards Art, proving how critical it is to get young kids into museums early on.

Students who take four years of art classes score an average of over 150 points higher on the SAT than students who take only one-half year or less.

Two-thirds of public-school teachers believed that the fine arts are among subjects getting crowded out of the school day to focus on math and English.

Our Idea

The Idea is simple. Our love and passion for Art and desire for a line of clothing that showed it off is what inspired the creation of Enlightened Clothing.

We also saw this as a perfect opportunity to use our product as a new outlet to teach a new generation about Art they may have never seen before. Thats why with every shirt, comes a tag that can be instantly scanned, and presents the buyer with a full analysis of the Art used.

Our tag will change the way people experience buying clothing.

Our Product

Modern and simple. Our layout with our re-imagined art lays on our high quality, 100% cotton shirt. We want our designs to stand out and be seen from any angle. That's why choosing a quality shirt material was so important to us.

Museums are losing our youth

With a decline of young people going to museums, their interest and exposure of Art is fading. The traditional way of learning about Art through textbooks is old, and not interactive. We want to fix this.

Our Competition

Redbubble offers cheaper alternatives, however they are poorly made and offer no educational outlet.
Urban outfitters and other trendy clothing stores offer higher priced alternatives but lack creative design and offer no learning outlet.

Pop-up Shops

Exclusive Enlightened bag, found only at our Pop-up Shops. As our line is only sold through our website and certain retailers, Enlightened Pop-up shops are a way for us to interact with our audience and offer exclusive designs that you cannot find elsewhere.

Our Website

Reaching our Audience

Enlightened's primary avenue of advertisement is through social media. With our main audience being teens, and students, we feel this is our best way at engaging with them.

Our ads primarily use model photography to show off our designs and to give the viewer an idea of how our clothing looks worn.

Our other ad campaign is "Not your Mother's Art." The idea behind this is Art that our older generation recognize, but redone to where the modern twist are understood by our youth.

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