HEAVEN By Alexandra AndornettO

After Graduating from their hometown high school in Venus Cove, Bethany Church and Xavier Woods leave behind everything they love when years of trouble finally catch up to them.
Bethany and Xavier were deeply in love. A better description would be a match made in Heaven...However, Heaven didn't approve of this relationship. Bethany was an angel sent to earth to fight off evil forces. The only condition was that she could not have any attachment to humans.
Not only was a relationship with Xavier detrimental, a marriage was completely against Heaven's laws. A mortal and an angel weren't supposed to be tied together. But against God's orders, lovestruck Bethany tied the knot with Xavier. But what happens next is even worse...
After the two exchange rings and say their "I do's", a reaper appears in the church to retrieve the pastor's soul. This was the beginning of a very long journey for the newlyweds. They were now on the run and had to leave everything behind-including Xavier's beloved family.
Bethany's brother and sister, Ivy and Gabriel, help them flee the city. They go to a cabin in North Carolina where they must stay hidden until things are clear and no one is hunting the couple. They are warned that an angel group called Sevens will be searching for them. But luckily, if any trouble arose, Bethany could use her telepathic powers to inform her siblings.
In the cabin, Xavier and Bethany were basically imprisoned. They were confined to those four walls for their safety. The hardest thing they had to do was avoid consummating their marriage which would make all matters worse. Although they accomplished that goal, they disobeyed her siblings and left the cabin...
Because Sevens were able to detect angels by electrical signals, one of them soon found her location.She knew that if she surrendered she would be separated form her husband forever.So she used her powers to set him on fire and flee the scene. But the chaos didn't end here...
Gabriel and Ivy relocated them to Ole Miss. It would be harder to detect them in a campus full of humans. They had to pose as brother and sister now going by Ford and Laurie. Here they got accustomed to the college lifestyle ,but that was soon cut short when the sevens found them.
The Sevens found the two and killed Xavier for revenge. However, since they were angels, they could use their essence to revive someone.

After this happens, Bethany surrenders and has to go back to heaven. What will happen next? Will this duo be reunited? After vowing to be together until death do them apart, will they be able to live up to that? To what extremes will Bethany go to return home...or will she even make it home at all?

Sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices for the things you want and love, no matter what the cost is.

This book should receive a Nobel Piece Prize. Beyond interesting and suspenseful.

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