"A modern retelling of the nativity story, with more ET than JC."

Synopsis overview of locations

This is Inner Hope a charmingly rural town sandwiched between a sparkling sea and the breathtaking MOUNT TARANAKI, the twin of MOUNT FUJI. This is lush green land but no hub of industry - it’s simply a support town for a small farming community.

Location 1 - Night

15 Ext. Main Street - Night

He drives her into the factory town, a small country backwater with one MAIN STREET. In the background looms a LARGE MEAT-PROCESSING FACTORY.

Location 2 - Night

16 Ext. Pub - Night

PHIL’s CAR stops outside a lively country pub.

Location 2 - Day

Exterior & Interior

No script snippet available but mentioned as a location in notes so included in scouting and budget.

Location 1 - Day

28 Ext. Town - Main Street - Day

MAYOR SULLIVAN walks up the main street with his NEPHEW, PHIL.

MAYOR JIM “Changed a lot since you were here last, I bet.”

PHIL (can’t see a single change) “Ummm....”

MAYOR JIM “Angle parking, new. Street lamps, new. And that’s just the beginning. Come on.”

JIM leads PHIL across the road.

Location 3 - Day

Hero location

Prod. Notes Ref. - Meat works - Ext.

Wide exterior shooting

No script snippet available but mentioned as a hero location in notes so included in scouting and budget.

Location 3 - Night

Hero Location

Prod. Notes Ref. - Meat works - Ext.

No script snippet available but mentioned as a hero location in notes so included in scouting and budget.

Alt. Location 3 - Day

Hero location

Prod. Notes Ref. - Meat works - Ext. & Int

Close exterior and interior shooting - alternative/complimentary location 3 option.

No script snippet available but mentioned as a hero location in notes so included in scouting and budget.

Location 4 - Day

Hero location

30 Ext. Library - Day

WIDE ON: The INNER HOPE PUBLIC LIBRARY. It’s a calamity! A small stone building that might once have been a nice example of colonial Victoriana, it is now a dilapidated ruin that begs only for a wrecking ball.

JIM Needs some work. (pause)

But my argument is, you can’t have a civilised town without a library.


Think you can do something with it?

You’re an army man - well this is your new mission, private.

Location 4 - Night

Hero Location


Wide on The Inner Hope Public Library.

Why Whanganui?

Spinners is a story of a community who weave the dreams they need to get by. Whanganui is the perfect location for Inner Hope, and here's why...

Locations overview

Dotted red circle is 15 minute drive zone from central Police Station. 3 locations within the zone cover the Spinners script snippet (and more).

For the efficient timing purposes of the STK presentation we present ONE hero location in more detail...

Location 4 - LIBRARY


Taken from Market Street (L4.2)

Location 4 - LIBRARY


Taken from Pakaitore Park (T4.1 area)

Location 4 - LIBRARY


'Colonial Victorian' Period Windows detail (L4.1)

Location 4 - LIBRARY


Dilapidated corridor detail. (L4.1)

Location 4 - LIBRARY


Original period woodwork (L4.1)

Location 4 - LIBRARY


Dilapidated decoration in smaller room (L4.1)

Location 4 - LIBRARY


Medium shot of Rutland Street side (L4.1)

Reverses for location 4

Reverse view looking North into Pakaitore park area from junction of Market Place and Rutland Street (Location 4 is behind camera to the left)
View Looking up Market Place from corner of Rutland Street (Location 4 is on left of photo)
View looking down Market Place towards river from corner of Rutland Street (Location 4 is directly behind camera ~10m away)
View looking up Rutland Street towards Market Place and Pakaitore Park (Location 4 is on the left of the photo)

Shoot, tech, and unit base zones

Z4.1 = Tech Base in Cosi Club carpark.
Z4.5 = Unit Base (crew) in Rutland St "Donkey" carpark.
Z4.2 = Unit Base (cast) and Unit Base (parking) in UCOL carpark.
Z4.3 = Indoor Unit Base (catering / toilets), plus good weather outdoor courtyard at UCOL atrium.

Traffic management details

Shown in yellow on map. Arrows indicate traffic detours.

E4.4 pedestrian control

Dotted yellow line is temporary fencing/barrier location to allow street filming with minimal interruption from park users. Can be extended into, or for all of, the park area if shooting here required.

At E4.2 position of public pedestrian control point looking towards L4.2. Note street is one-way coming towards camera and traffic controlled at other end.

T4.2 Traffic and pedestrian control

At L4.2 looking towards T4.2 traffic and pedestrian control point.

T4.1 Traffic and pedestrian control

At L4.2 looking towards T4.1 traffic and pedestrian control point.

Traffic detour details

Discussed and agreed in principal with council (Oct 2021).

Main detours = Thru traffic for MARKET PLACE to be redirected in both directions onto TAUPO QUAY + BATES STREET (West bound) or BATES STREET + TAUPO QUAY (East bound)

Alternative detour for West bound traffic heading for RUTLAND STREET is via RIDGWAY STREET + DREWS AVENUE. Note RUTLAND STREET is One-Way so pedestrian access only from DREWS AVENUE up to E4.2 entrance to shoot.

Vehicle parking at bases in detail

Z4.1 Tech Base

01 Camera (along far wall) and 07 Lighting truck (along wall to left of photo) parking locations. Distance to L41. shoot ~80m. Surface good tarmac. Land owner = Cosi Club, cost tbc.
06 DIT (either underneath balcony or along white wall depending upon size), and 05 Sound truck (approx. where shadow is mid left of photo) parking locations. Distance to L4.2 shoot ~200m. Surface OK tarmac. Land owner = Osteopaths in brick building, cost tbc.

Z4.5 Unit Base parking

02 Location truck (along comic mural wall, cab approx where gold car is). Distance to L4.1 shoot ~220m. Surface OK tarmac. Owner will lease (see budget)
03 Location truck and 04 & 03 Art Dept trucks (along fence line, cabs facing donkey mural wall). Distance to L4.1 shoot ~220m. Surface OK tarmac. Owner will lease according to agent (see budget)

Z4.3 Indoor Unit Base

UCOL ground floor atrium and courtyard with space for approx. 100 including seating, toilets & cafe - negotiated as part of premises hire. Distance to shoot ~100m. Surface paved/indoor. Owners UCOL agreed in principal.

Z4.2 outdoor Unit Base & Crew parking

Photo of UCOL secure carpark taken from where cab of a. Wardrobe truck would be, looking south. b. Makeup truck along side NP area. Campers where parked cars are. d. Unit truck at far end. Rest of 46 spaces for crew parking. Distance to shoot walking through E4.4 ~40m, truck driving via E4.1 ~100m.

Location entry/exit points (E4.1 to E4.4)

Taken from Rutland Street looking into E4.4 low access car and pedestrian driveway into Z4.2. Also shows where a. Wardrobe truck and b. Makeup trucks would be staggered reversed parked up to this from the carpark side
Taken at E4.1 looking into unit and crew parking area. Campers would be along far wall. E4.4 is entrance at the back on right side of photo. Surface good tarmac. Distance to shoot walking through E4.4 ~60m from here, truck driving ~100m from street (behind camera).
Taken at E4.2 entry/exit looking north to L4.2. Note Rutland Street is one-way (coming towards camera from L4.2), so only pedestrian control needed here. Surface street tarmac. Distance to L4.2 ~200m. Owner Whanganui District Council with permit agreed in principal.
Taken besides L4.1 at dotted green line convergence, looking towards E4.3 crew entrance/exit to Unit Base catering (by tree on left of photo). Surface dodge tarmac. Distance to L4.1 0m. Owner WDC & Heritage Trust Group, agreement in principal/confirmed.
All entry/exits would each be PA'd and QR coded with security overnight patrolling at E4.1 & E4.2, although E4.1 is also a locked security gate.
Location 4 Production Notes

The other locations can be viewed in detail by clicking on their maps and production notes here:

Clickable Annotated Maps for all other scouted locations (click full screen)

All locations Pros & Cons in detail

Shown in location number order for completeness, but note some locations are assumptions without detail taken from Production Notes supplied to us for SPINNERS.

($$) shown for cons that specifically include a budget line, consideration or allowance.


Street location at lower Cross Street, Castlecliff, Whanganui.

...a small country backwater with one MAIN STREET. In the background looms a LARGE MEAT-PROCESSING FACTORY...


Accessible from main centre 15 min drive.

Perfect blend of ALL script requirements for a timeless, quaint location to suit the 1980s theme with minimal Art Dept. work/budget.

Affordable and interior of hero location (Pub) possible.

Accessible car parking for Tech & Unit bases, Catering and Crew base possible in adjacent building/shop/yard.

Petrol Stn. owner is happy to hear more details and would consider closure to allow shooting.

Road closures are mitigated by short detours being easily established to allow business, residential, and commercial access to continue for premises not featured in shots.

Pub is a characterful building that harks back to a typical country hotel/pub in rural NZ, despite now being in the city of Whanganui.

Land ownership and possibly building ownership of the pub is council owned (to be confirmed). So hire costs would be limited to business compensation fees.

Only 1 residential property potentially impacted by road closure.

Additional locations near by that would suit assumed other story elements such as Four Square shop around the corner, and weird architecture (see overview at end for photos).

Seascape horizon in one direction to enhance locations with minimal background clutter.


Popular community centre with daily traffic of 2.5 to 3 thousand vehicles at peak times (weekday, school), as advised by council permit authority.

City bus route would require small detour, plus petrol stn. and 2 other businesses (shops) would be impacted by road closure. ($$)

Nearby to restricted Drone filming area (airport), but crane shots would be acceptable.

Enhanced security and people control may be required due to proximity of residential areas and popularity of pub in evening. Although this could lead to sourcing extras being easier!


View of Farmland Foods factory though Short Street carpark entrance.

Not specifically mentioned in script lines provided but assumption it would be needed as a location for story.


Accessible 15 min drive from centre.

Close to MAIN STREET location.

Unmistakable as a 1980s style food factory.

Secure filming area including enough space for bases and crew parking if factory not fully operational.

Minimal onlooker interruptions expected as it's not normally a public area.

Factory under new management and being redeveloped during period, so may not be at full working capacity, hence carpark maybe empty during working week.


Unfortunately not quite close enough to previous location to negate requirement to move bases. ($$)

Location scouted is EXT only therefore avoiding costly disruption to factory working.

Some limitation of shots available from within staff carpark, with further restrictions by having bases and production parking in one area of it.

Noise if factory is partially or fully operational.

Nearby redevelopment of Port may add to noise levels and could impact road closure permit availability in 2021-2024 (estimated).

Close to or on flight path for local airport so restricted/approval required for drone filming.

No indoor catering or toilet facilities known to be available. Public toilets a short walk away (5 min).


11 Rutland Street, Whanganui.


Central location within 5 mins of accomodation options.

Perfect fit of script requirements for a hero building that is transformed externally and internally during the story.

Many original 1920s woodwork and features remain.

Style and period of building offering INT as well as EXT filming.

Very affordable with high degree of flexibility for interior and exterior shooting plus Art Department options.

Potential for community good in leaving a building in a better state than when taken on. A legacy for the production, crew, and town can be left.

Minimal Art Dept. work required to 'dilapidate' building!

Although looking rundown the building is sound and technically safe for crew to operate in.

Owner has excitedly embraced the opportunity to work with production company.

Tech base proximity from location entrance indicated by grey and yellow cars.
Unit base and secure crew parking, plus catering are within building to the left. Entrances indicated by light on left edge of photo for Unit and 2nd tree for catering access (both <50m walk).

Proximity to extensive and secure Unit and Tech Bases via affordable hire from UCOL which also offers indoor catering spaces and facilities (toilet / makeup rooms etc).


Some internal areas are limited access for filming.

Possibly a little too dilapidated for story? Power and facilities within are very limited or not available/tested.

Large interior would require limiting Art Dept. renovations to a small area for budget reasons.

Timing for external renovation could extend beyond the proposed 3 days. This would not impact cost of location but could impact overall production schedule.

Exterior coating that is scheduled to be removed prior to Oct/Nov 2022.

The current exterior is due to be removed in early 2022, leaving a rougher stone looking facade.

Building is heritage 1 listed - however owner is a heritage society with mandate to restore building to a usable condition, including renovations.

Building previous existence still has some resentment within the community.

Road closure would impact local Police emergency vehicles with a short (20 second) detour from their usual egress routes. This is a factor already considered with early discussion with council around road closure permits.

Proximity to national reserve park of Pakaitore/Motoua Gardens will require approval/notification from their trust board. Also proposed filming dates should avoid public events scheduled for that park (typically later in the summer). Initial contact has been made to owners for their thoughts.

Business impact for Lawyers (Market Place), plus Architect and Osteopath business on Rutland Street, and Cosi club carpark. ($$)


182 Anzac Parade (Taipai Street entrance) Whanganui.

Not a scripted item (in snippet provided) but assumed to be a possible hero location for story.


Closed and empty factory that owners would be keen to use and have any return from.

Entrance and principle filming locations off a quiet residential road with minimal permitting for closure.

This factory is within the 15 min travel zone and is currently empty with no foreseeable plans for that to change over the coming months.

Scope for Art Department to build an interior factory, based on the authentic skin provided, that works for the script yet is WorkSafe complicit for filming with minimal risks and costs.

Indoor catering and toilets possible within the rest of the building itself as it is empty.

Tech and Unit bases can make use of extensive truck sized parking and loading bays on one side of the building - easing potential for Art Dept. to install and remove items.

Affordable although exact currently cost unknown but advice from property agent is owners are in a pickle between not having a resource consent and no other need for property, but no buyers. So would 'jump' at the chance of some income from it.


Possible redevelopment, demolishing, or owner change in medium to longer term would need further consultation with current owners to mitigate this through planning and/or early compensation payment once/if project is green lit for location.

Proximity to SH4 (as indicated by silver car) with its associated traffic noise.

Distance from other FACTORY EXT location could impact weather or lighting, plus cast continuity depending upon filming schedule between each location. Movement Order would need specific mitigations in place for this. Plus additional mitigations for night shoots could involve wetting surfaces ($$).

Some hazards of factory conditions may be present and would need a detailed risk assessment prior to filming (asbestos, unsafe areas, electrical, fire, etc). This may limit scope of internal filming.

Regional Film Office Consultation

Film Whanganui is a relatively new RFO and as part of Kevin's attendance on the course he was also representing the RFO (under short term contract) due to staffing shortages. Therefore consultation was less formal and more ongoing between the team and RFO.

Example of written consultation with RFO.

From: Emma Bugden <Emma.Bugden@whanganuiandpartners.nz> Subject: location scout for potential film Date: 24 September 2021 at 4:01:36 PM NZST To: Kevin Double <kevin@doublefarley.com>

Kia ora Kevin, Good to catch up just now. I’ve had a chat to Craig, in roading at Infrastructure at the Council and he’s happy to have a chat with you about what would be involved in a road closure of Rutland street. You can call him on 06 349 xxx or email him on Craig.Bright@whanganui.govt.nz. The Castlecliff pub turns out to be owned by Council...
Ngā mihi, Emma Dr Emma Bugden (she/her) | Strategic Lead Creative Industries and Arts | Manager Film Whanganui Whanganui & Partners | Innovation Quarter, 179 St Hill Street, Whanganui P: +64 6 349 3063 Mob: 027 212 8279


Budgets for all scouted locations (click each for full screen)
Note locations 1 and 2 are shown below on the right (red tile roof building = pub) and left of this photo (pink building = factory exterior)
Whanganui offers a micro climate of generally settled and fine weather throughout the year, mitigated by the proximity to the South Taranaki Bight and mountain ranges.

Sun plots for Location 4 - LIBRARY

Set for projected filming date.

Photo taken 3pm showing shadows at approx. same month of year

Hero location 4 Library is behind camera to left. Note strong shadow lines on statues in park and beneath cars. Sun is approx 50 degrees in upper left sky. Actual sunset is around 40 mins earlier than shown on sun plot due to hillock and other buildings casting shadows on location 4.

Travel Directions for all locations from Police Station

Unit travel guide and map (from central police station).

Additional locations suggested from production notes and overall story.

Whanganui City occupies a relatively small land area yet offers a diverse range of locations to suit a story like Spinners without significant cost of accomodation or travel. Here are some nearby examples of locations that suit production notes we had, script snippets, or overall story themes of quirky little NZ town with a dash of space/sci-fi thrown in.

Other locations mentioned in synopsis or assumed from wider story of Spinners.
Pretty in Pink Whanganui is a great location for Spinners!

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Created with an image by luciana_ferraz - "pregnant pregnancy pregnant pictures"A location presentation for STK from Kevin Double; Lissandra Leite (Team 9) for SPINNERS. All script and production details CONFIDENTIAL to STK LM 2021 course participants only - please do not share. All photographs (c) Kevin Double except the following used under fair dealing or Creative Commons: Overview drone shot featuring Taranaki (c) Chathams Air; Water slide and pool (c) Splash centre; Kowhai Park Rocket (c) Tripadvisor; Ward Observatory at night and internal (c) Earthinthesky & cloudynights websites.