“light” Kaneko Closes in Omaha By :Ellie Pierce

The Omaha Art Exhitbition held a “light” show known as Kaneko. Light was an interactive and visual art expierence that showed the makeup of art and science.

Artists from University of Nebraska Lincoln Extreme Light Labatory, Google , International Dark-Sky Association, and many others around Nebraska used glass and light to show the beauty they both can have together creating these works of art.

This light show was also a way to get people involved and participate in the exhibit. They had many where you moved through with the light changing around you and the audio and light expierences.

This became a very popular spot in Omaha that was talked upon everyone and spreaded out all over social media. It was the “selfie hotspot”.

The main creators of the light show were the Circus Family. They said “The installation was to create a challenge and to make people think differently about light and see it in a different way”.

Some of the Mercy juniors and seniors attended the light show in their Astonomy class. They wanted to get an insight of Astronomy and how light has to deal with everting in space.

I asked sophomore , Fia Cohenn “ How her expierence was at the “light” show in omaha”? and she responded with “ It was cool to see all the unique lights that’s the the exhibit had to show , I had never been to something like this so it was a fun expierence.”

Omaha closed the Kaneko on March 23rd. This was a succesful event for the Circus Family and was a FREE event for anyone.

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