Enviromental studies CAT By Lucy Roberts

the history of national parks

Why were Americas national parKs created?

America's National parks were created because a somewhat small group had a 'vision' that they should make sure America's greatest natural treasures would remain in the future and they would preserve them for everyone.

When and why was the world’s first and second national parks created. What does it say about the values of those countries?

The world's first National Park was created in America in 1872, it is called the Yellowstone National Park. At first it was created for the benifit and enjoyment of people.

The worlds second National Park was created in 1879 in Sydney, Australia. It was only named Royal National Park in 1954. The Royal National Park was originally made to identify public health issues about overpopulated and unhygienic circumstances in cities.

Values- these places want to put the land first and they think the enviroment is an important asset to the country. They also think people's health is important and want to do something about it.

Americas National parks are being loved to death. Explain what is meant by this and how can this problem be prevented.

The statement 'loved to death' could mean that too many people are visiting these National parks, with more and more visitors each year our precious environment is being destroyed. Unfortunately, people don't realise that they are trampling on plants and with more and more visitors, more plants are being destroyed. Poachers are also killing birds and other animals, which is taking away from something that people like to see. Soon national parks will be no more if we don't look after them properly. To prevent national parks from being loved to death, they could restrict and limit everyday visitors, so they are not so overpopulated and they could increase entry fees to get into the national parks or even make people require bookings to get in.

List three local protected areas.
  1. Point Addis, Marine National Park
  2. Twelve Apostles Marine National Park
  3. Great Otway National Park

Great Otway National Park Brochure

National parks are under threat

Briefly explain how Kakadu NP and Uranium mining has been compromised and what impact this has on the environment and use of the Park

The Ranger uranium mine has been mined so much that it can't be mined anymore. There has been more then 150 leaks and spills of contaminated water that has gone beneath the surface of the Kakadu National Park. This doesn't only impact the animals that live near there, but it effects the air, the underground soil and the enviroment of which we should preserve.

Write a paragraph explaining whether you think National Parks should be used for commercial purposes.

I think National Parks shouldn't be used for commercial purposes, we should be preserving and protecting natural environments/treasures instead. The purpose of national parks is for the benifits of people but also to sustain and conserve beautiful parts of our planet. By using them for commercial purposes such as housing estates, mining, factories, etc, we are destroying the enviroment that we will want to cherish and still have in the future. There will be no more national parks if we keep using them for our economic benefits.

Popular CULTURE and the enviroment

Find two songs that have lyrics about environmental issues, one recent and one 20 years or older. Write down the lyrics and explain their meaning.

Song one

Song two

How do you think popular culture might influence people’s opinions about the environment?

People look up to their idols, they might be singer/songwriters. If someone they look up to thinks we should do something about enviromental issues, then they will want to do the same. Well known/famous people have a lot of power, they can change people's minds or perspectives and make them believe in what they think is right. Example- Leonardo Di Caprio is very big on global warming, people look up to him and might also believe we should do something to change global warming.

How has people’s attitude toward the environment changeD in the last 100 years?

People are more aware about enviromental issues now, whereas years ago people didn't care about what they were releasing into the atmosphere and what they were burning down. Now factories are becoming more Eco friendly and are doing small things, which are making a big difference. For example, factories that use water in their processing would not treat the water after they had used it and release it back into the waterways regardless whether it was polluted or not. Today such an act is illegal and the water would need to be treated or cleaned before being released back into the rivers.

Enviromental disasters

Select one environmental disaster and explain what happened, the effect it had on the environment and what safeguards have been put in place to prevent further disasters.

Deforestation of tiger and orangutan habitat in indonesia

Explain what happened-

Big companies are buying into lands from the Indonesian government. They are chopping down Indonesia's rainforests and animal habitats for palm oil. Locals say orangutans and elephants are pests, and the planting of palm oil gives many people jobs.


  • The deforestation of rainforests means the loss of 100 year old trees and resident species are becoming endangered such as rhinos, tiger, elephants and orangutans.
  • Loss of habitat for millions of species.
  • Without the protection of tree canopies, the soil dries out.
  • Forests become dry without the trees helping the water cycle.
  • Deforestation changes the forests temperature
  • Less forests, means more green house gasses

What Safeguards have been put in place?

  • Sustanible forestry
  • Establishing parks to protect wildlife
  • Restoring damaged enviroments
  • Leading large companies away from sources linked to deforestationand habitat loss
  • WWF are encouraging buyers to buy products containing certified sustainable palm oil
  • Some companies are labelling wether their product has palm oil in
  • They are balancing the amount of old and young trees

What enviromental disasters could Torquay be susceptible to?

  • Global warming
  • Earthquakes
  • Bushfires
  • Flooding
  • Deforestation
  • Coastal erosion
  • Invasion of un-native species

Government protection of environments

Local councul laws that prevent smoking and littering on the beach

Why was it set up?

To stop cigarette butts from landing in the ocean and creating toxic trash. And also to help keep our beaches clean and preventing rubbish from going into the ocean.

What it protects-

It protects marine life, dune animals and protects people's lungs. It also protects young people who have not yet been exposed to smoking.

How it is enforced-

There would be signs telling you not to litter or smoke in public places. Local officers would be going around checking up on people, they would be fines in place for people who disobey the rules. And local shops would remind people.

How effective it is-

As a resident of Torquay, I have seen less people smoking in public and a reduction in the the amount of litter on the beaches. A woman was asked to leave the outside of a cafe because she was smoking in a public place.

Devise a strategy that would help the council enforce the law

You could ask local primary schools to be a part of a poster competition, writing things like no littering or smoking. Then put the posters made at the entrances of popular beaches. Appeals made by children is more powerful then appeals from adults.

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