The Beginning of the End The first of lasts

Hello Friends!

I'm writing a little early this week. But for good reason. Tomorrow I am going to Korçë with a few girls for some fun girl time.

This past week was good and busy and the start of our lasts here at Bible School. In one way I'm so excited to begin my adventure home, but on the other I can't believe our time has come to an end already. Our last day is one week from today. I can't believe it. This is my last week with this group of people. God has done some work in this life in these past six months. Some over tears, but it has been positive progress. I feel a lot lighter these past couple of weeks, like I've had a burden removed. So, I'm excited to go home.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal days. The weather has been getting so beautiful (It is like 70 here today!) this past week. So Wednesday a few girls went out walking and got ice cream. It was a lot of fun. To walk, talk, and eat ice cream! Our family group had our last family group together as Liz, our family group leader, returned home for furlough. (Next week we will meet with another family group) Wednesday we also had our last group Bible reading, we often will read at least some of the book that will be discussed the following week. We had good discussion.

Today, several of us girls, went to a "Carnival" in town at a park across the from the main schools. We did face painting for the school children, cats, tigers, butterflies, names, hearts, and anything black and red were popular. There were so many school children! It was tiring, but lots of fun.

As the days are becoming warmer and longer, we had a pretty sunset this week.

I've enjoyed keeping up with KU in the tourney from here. Today in honor of their win I was dressed appropriately!

I had fun coloring this week as well. :)

Friends, it's my last week. We have Galatians this coming week. Pray for my last week that it will be fruitful and that time relationally with these people will be used well! Thank you! I look forward to seeing you all soon. :)

All my love, Charissa

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