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AFGHANISTAN - A group of 13 young Afghan women and men from different backgrounds and ethnicities have spent a week together in the western Afghan city of Herat to exchange experiences, direct and produce a film about migration. “In Afghanistan, women often don’t have a voice and we are here also to represent these voices,” said Shokya, who with her friend Masoma, was one of five women in the group.

CHAD - "One night, an armed group attacked our neighborhood in Bangui. I had to flee, my family did not accept me anymore because my husband was one of them." Since the beginning of the socio-political unrest in the Central African Republic in 2013, the southern border of Chad has seen a continuous influx of Chadians returning from CAR. The situation has led to multiple needs ranging from shelters to the creation of socio-economic activities.

CYCLONE IDAI, MOZAMBIQUE - “The wind was blowing so strong. My husband got on the boat and went after three of our children who were at school. He never came back. I am alone now with our six children. It feels as if my heart has sunk with him,” despairs empty-eyed Gina Manuel.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC - Since its independence in 1960, the Central African Republic has experienced many waves of violence. The 2013-2014 conflict had a unprecedented impact on the community fabric, social interactions and the economic well-being of the state and its people. "If there is no peace, what will be the future for my children? We must disarm our hearts. When there is a conflict, we have two options: to settle it with violence or with the dialogue."

BANGLADESH - South Asia, comprising eight countries including Bangladesh, Maldives and Nepal, is affected by a range of natural disasters including floods, glacial lake outburst floods, storm surges, droughts, cyclones and heavy precipitation. These disasters take a huge toll as they displace thousands of people every year.

NIGER - Truck packed with migrants heading to Libya crosses Agadez on its way to Tourayat, Nigerien village. The town of Agadez in the Sahara is a hub for West African migrants travelling to Libya, Algeria and Europe. The trip on this type of truck from Tourayat to Libya can take more than two days.

Video celebrating IOM's 65th anniversary.

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