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Cameroon is in the northern and eastern hemisphere and in the continent of Africa.

The Atlantic Ocean borders Cameroon so does the Benue and Niger River.

Cameroon's capital city is Yaounde.

Yaounde's coordinates are 4°N, 12°E

Physical Characteristics

Cameroon is in tropical zone, between 0° and 23 1/2° latitude.

Mount Cameroon is an active volcano. It is near the gulf of guinea. other names for it would be Cameroon Mountain, Fako, or its native name Mongo Ma Ndemi.

Cascadas De Ekom Nkam, it is 80 meters high. Some of the scenes from The legend of Tarzan were taken here.

lake chad is historically large. It is 36 ft deep.

Cascadas de la lobe, it has large sand spaces where Dermochelys coriacea turtles put their eggs.


Cameroons total population is 21.4 million. It is large and it is rank the 57th on the worlds rank. Its total population density is 117 ppl/m2, it is at average its world rank is the 168th. Cameroons growth rate is 2.17%, it is fast and it ranked the 48th on the worlds rank.

Cameroon's largest cities are Douala, Yaounde, Garoua, Kousseri, and Bamenda.

Cameroon is more of an urban country.

Cameroons net migration rate is 0.15 migrants, more people are leaving.


Cameroon is a developing country. Their life expectancy is 57.35 years. Most developed countries life expectancy is 78 yrs. Cameroons literacy rate is 99%. The GDP per capita is $2400, for it to be a developed country the GDP per capita would have to be $30,000.


The main languages spoken in Cameroon are English and French. The main religions practiced are Indigenous, Christianity, and Muslim.

Ndole is the national dish in Cameroon. It has stewed nuts, bitter leaves, and fish or beans.

Youth day is one of Cameroons celebrations, on February 11. It celebrates the young people.

Mount Cameroon is one of Cameroons famous landmarks. It is an active volcano.

Korup National Park is Africa's oldest and richest tropical forest.

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