University of the Nations Uniquip Costa Rica 2017

We spent a week together learning from God, hearing about the UofN; how it started, how it is unique as a university, how it relates to Youth With a Mission and how it is developing around the world. As we listened we were asking what inheritance we have for the future of the UofN in Central America. This was very challenging and exciting to see God give new and fresh vision and calling to those in attendance to relook at God's call on our lives.

Tim Bloomer, the Provost for the University and others shared a Biblical view of education, how Howard Malmstadt and Loren Cunningham met and dreamed with God of a Univeristy like no other. Where rather than weeding out the weak, we are to look for the image of God in each one of our students and call them to learn, be transformed and find God in all spheres of life.

It was such a joy to have deep times of worship, intercession and confront our own views of education as we discussed around the tables and we're ether challenged by our own preconceived ideas of education, perhaps including pain from the past or the challenge of God to become educators who long to teach and impart the life of God to others in many diverse fields of study.

We continued with the theme of "On Earth as it is in Heaven" which was begun in the UofN workshop the week before where we looked at how God's kingdom is to transform this world in the here and now through faithful obedience and trust that God can work in us to do according to His good pleasure within our communities, tribes and nations.

We had representatives from each college and centre to sit with faculty and staff on each of the tables, for discussion, Q and A, brainstorming and we did all of this in three or four languages.

We spoke about the big story of God and how God was working in our midst and co-labouring with us in our smaller stories to see His will be done here on earth. We realised that our smaller stories and vocational calling fit and form together to create the tension needed to challenge us into the future as well as recall His faithfulness in the past.

So many people were able to come with their stories of pain or hope and connect their small pieces into the big picture of the University of the Nations. How god calls us in our diversity to be unified by one spirit, one calling and one purpose. At the end each person took a piece of the story home with them after sealing both ends so that they knew that they are each leaving with an inheritance, an importation of their piece of the whole. God has called us to work together to see what He can do in the nations starting here.

It was a huge amount of fun to hear about the diverse training offered in the colleges and centres of the University of the Nations and to celebrate the fact that God calls us in our diversity to be unified in teaching that God is the God of all of life. We are looking forward to seeing how God leads and pioneers new schools and seminars and YWAM locations to prepare many more young people to follow the vocational call that God has placed on their lives out of this fruitful time together!

Find out more about the University of the Nations, an international training institution with 600 locations on all continents and in 160 nations.

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