DAY 1 Stranded in the sea

So I'm going to start it off like this, we left Miami Florida on a fishing boat to head our way to Australia we have lots of food to last months and we have lots of equipment for underwater sir valence and sonar . So we get out mid sea in the Gulf Stream (35N , 75W). Then we hear a big bang. BOOM! So we go check to see what's up with the noise.We get down to the the engine and its real smokey, we opened the door and waited for the smoke to come out and then we have seen our Engine is out. we were In shock and almost scared for our lives. We couldn't find a signal from our phones on our way out to sea so we knew there was no hope but to ride this out. The Salinity of Gulf Stream is 36 to 37 GPK, also the temp is 15C First day, Going bad.


We are traveling along the North Atlantic Drift (42N 33W). Were looking on the surveillance for some time last night and seen a couple humpback whales, green sea turtles, and gray Atlantic seals. I was trying to get my mind off our situation. Oh yea I forgot to introduce myself and my friend, well my name is Lawrence and my friend is named Aaron. We were pretty calm, but as we were finding things to do we found out the Atlantic Drift"s Salinity is 35.2 - 37.8 gpk , If whoever is reading this cares, also the temp is 2C. So we also figured out the speed we are drifting at, the speed is .2 knots. We tried to calculate how long it would take us to get out this current, but we all fell asleep. We have passed a huge mid ocean ridge by looking on the sonar Day dos!

Day 3

Hello. We are traveling on the Canary current now(N 22, W 20). We had some good salmon last night for dinner. We looked back on the sonar and watched a big squid swim by, we were so surprised why it was so close to the surface and how close it came, it really made me jump out of my seat! The salinity of this current is 0.15 Gpk. The speed of this current is 0.03 to 0.06 knots. We can't seem to calculate the tempt for some reason, but anyways we have been doing good ate some crab last night but things aren't going so bad, but umm we do see a ton of big formations of dark clouds not a good sign.

4 Day

So yea ummmm turned out dark clouds is not a good sign. So umm yup, well we got caught in a terrible storm last night, storm was so bad that it pushed in a whole different current. I don't even feel like putting the coordinates but you know what (0N, 25W) boom where in the equitoral counter. My clothes wet the boat smells like Mildew. I'm glad we are alive but this is getting serious. We are traveling at 3-10°N. Tempt is 20 C. Salinity 34.8 Gpk.

Day 5

We are in the south equatorial(S 8,W 31) current praying for another one of them storms not to come again. The temperature is 26°. Salinity is 36.4 Gpk. The speed were traveling at is 0.04 knots. We passed another mid Ocean ridge by the look on my sonar. Sorry for the short log I just have to make this fast I gotta help Arron clean the rest of the ship.

Day 5 Second upload

We came across some sea turtles on the sir valence, and we got most of the ship clean. I just can't wait till i get off this ship, starting to get a little sea sick.

Day 6

We are now in the Brazil Current (S 35, W 41 ). The tempt is 70 F. The Salinity is 35.2. The speed we are traveling at is 0.05 Knots. We passed another mid ocean ridge. Caught a tiger shark come up on the sir valence.

Day 7

We are tired, I haven't got much sleep I don't think he has either. We wiull make it through this, but the the possibility that we can be stuck out here for ever, we can run out off food, things are getting scary. Phone still has no service.

Day 8

This current is going really slow, anxiety rising inside me as each day passes by. It has been over a week now, i'm sacred, tired... I miss my family. They have no idea were stuck out here.

Day 9

We are in antarctic circumpolar(S 52, W 13). The temperature here is 4 C. The Salinity is 33.5 Gpk. The speed is .4 km/h. We passed by a glacier and we seen a polar bear with its cubs.

Journal 10

It's getting really cold, I'm glad we brought a couple blankets and sweaters. We see are starting to see another formation of clouds surround us again. I pray It doesn't harm us and cause a big storm like last time.

Journal 11

Just another update. Its snowing a blowing wind bad. We hope we don't crash into a iceberg. It's getting worse each minute, the wind just keeps blowing harder and harder. We think we will be caught in a blizzard.

Journal 12

The blizzard is finally over, and It was the worst I ever see. The waves was rocking to whole boat. it was so cold. The deck has ice all over it. we are in the South Indian current. We are almost in Australia(S 34, E 36). we will be arriving in a matter of days. Were traveling at 4 km/h.Tempt is 12°C.

Journal 13

We seen a couple sea otters on the sir valence. Its getting warmer as we get closer to Australia. We have fully deiced the deck. we should be there tomorrow

Journal 14

We are here this has been a very interesting and crazy journey. Ya'll have heard all the struggles and pain of this journey I just can't wait till i get on land we are calling for help now, We finally got a signal, update you guys later.

Journal 15

Finally on land and we are getting our boat repaired, we are contacting our families and telling them what happened. We will publish these journals soon. This has been a crazy ride, thanks for listening.


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