You have the budget to hire someone, and you need them to be a rock-star change strategist, instructional designer, technologist, and motion graphics animator. (Bonus points if they can banish evil and purify water.)

Sound impossible?

With TiER1 Co-Source, you really can have the unicorn. A TiER1 Co-Source gives you a dedicated number of hours each year to distribute among the skill sets you need when you need them. This allows you to tackle your performance challenges such as employee engagement, onboarding, and change management projects while maintaining the flexibility to pivot when you need to.

Sometimes you need more people to get the work done.

Sometimes you need micro-consulting—a learning strategist to review a curriculum or a communication consultant to write one email—to make sure the little stuff has a big impact. Either way, thanks to a TiER1 Co-Source, you can quickly adjust the team to get the talent you need and get your projects done. And you can use the hours as your needs ebb and flow, reducing overhead you'd have with a permanent hire.

We focus on hiring the best and the brightest.

We attract and retain people with deep expertise and passion in their area of specialization, including (but not limited to) change management, communications, creative, learning, project management, and technology. And through our people, you gain access to TiER1’s broad collection of tools and technologies. With a TiER1 Co-Source, we supply expertise and deliver higher quality solutions faster to turn your dream of better performance into a reality.

OK, magical might be a stretch.

But when you think of the efficiencies and the strategic insights you gain from a TiER1 Co-Source, the effect can be, well, magical. You gain kick-ass team members without the added costs of recruiting, hiring, providing benefits, and supplying equipment to get them up and running. You also eliminate the overhead associated with outsourcing individual projects. And your new team members have the expertise and the experience to take your projects to the next level. When you’re ready to start a new project, you just pick up the phone and call.

TiER1 will team up with you to determine the bandwidth and skills you’ll need and when you’ll need them. This partnership allows you to expand your team, remain nimble, and gain some fresh perspective throughout the project’s life cycle.

We have a lot of talented people who are really good at a lot of different things.

You can leverage an instructional designer and change consultant this month, and then flip to a tech ninja and animation wizard next month. With our team of learning experts, storytellers, visual designers, and developers, the sky is the limit. And, we work well with others, so we really do become an extension of your in-house team.

We estimate that one TiER1 Co-Source full-time employee (FTE) provides the productivity yield of one and a half to two FTEs. How is that possible? TiER1 Co-Source hours are dedicated work hours for your needs.

A typical FTE equals 168 hours per month, but not all of those hours are productive work hours that move a project along. With a Co-Source FTE you actually get 168 worked hours per month.

No vacations.
No sick days.
No holidays.
No professional development.
No company meetings.
No inbox management.

Just 168 hours of pure talent ready to work on the projects that deliver the most value to you.

Want to see the details of our Co-Source model?

We're happy to walk you through the spreadsheet.

(859) 415-1000

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