Argentina 🇦🇷

The Spanish led by Juan Diaz de Solis, visited the territory which is now Argentina in 1516. In 1536 Pedro de Mendoza established a small settlement which was later banished.

On july 9th 1816 Argentina gained its independence and became a country. It shares a border with five countries, Bolivia 🇧🇴 , Paraguay 🇵🇾, Uruguay 🇺🇾, Chile 🇨🇱, and Brazil 🇧🇷

Argentina is a massive South American nation with land that connescts to the Andes mountains, glacial lakes and pompas grasslands. Argentina covers 2,736,690 square kilometers. The U.S is 4 times bigger then Argentina.

The capital of Argentina is Bue nos Aires. 2.891 million people live in the the capital.

Railways, roads, and air routes spread out from Buenos Aires, links most of Argentina's cities and towns with the capital. In 1516, the Spanish explorer Juan Diaz de Solis became the first European to reach Argentina. He landed on the shores of the Rio de la Plata

The population in 2012 was 42,192,494 million.

Argentine peso is 0.65 cents.

In Argentina you cannot buy many things with just one peso.

Argentina mucho grande.

Buenos Aires es hermosa.

El tango estaba hecho en Argentina, Beunos Aires.

El tango

Argentina es vistoso y hermosa.

En Argentina el genta caminar mucho.

En argentina muchos idiomas son hablado.

Yo quiero visitar Argentina.

pop concert in Argentina

The music in Argentina varies from folk to classical, there's pop, rap and tango music.

classic and tango band

Asado is a very popular food in Argentina it is barbecue. Empanadas and choripán are very popular foods in Argentina.

Empanadas, you can stuff anything in this deep fried south american dough it is commonly filled with meat cheese and spices.

Both are typical fast foods.

Choripán is basically like a hot dog with three different meats there's chorizo, pork, and beef they're all cooked on carcol and served with the vegatables of your choice.

In Argentina beef is a big deal and that's why all their foods revolve around the meat industry.

In Argentina there are many cultures and for Argentina to have meat they need ranchers and cowboys and those are some of the native people that live there.

Guacho (Argentinian horse man)

These horsemen ranch cattle on the grasslands. They eat chimuchurri which is seasoned beef. They play their guitar and the others listen.

Buenos Aires Tango Festival is very important in Argentina, so is Semana de la Bandera.

No tienes que ser bueno a bailar. Todo el mundo baila.
En Argentina ellos celebran el dia de le bandera.
Iguza falls

The most dramatic waterfalls which fall over the cliffs at the border of Argentina and Brazil. It's humid, you may need a small rain jacket from water. It's located in Iguza falls 34 dollars entrance fee and another 30 dollars to go on the boat in Iguza, on the brazilian side admission is 21 dollars.

Iguza es hermoso. Iguza es mucho grande.

perito moreno glacier tour

iIt's a full day guided trip to Perito Moreno Glacier, there's a walking path and a boat path you can take either or both it's located in Santa Cruz and the cost is 90 dollars and up.

El Perutro Moreno es mucho mucho grande. El glaciar es grande y alto.

Plaza de Mayo

Located in Beunos Aires, it's a historical park with historical architecturefor everyone to go and see. It is out doors and cost is free. This is where all the celebrations in Buenos Aires happen.

Plaza de Mayo es muy importante. El plaza es lleno de gente.

Cueva de las Manos

This is the cave of hands, it's located in Santa Cruz. You can go look at the scenery and cave art from about 10,000 years ago, for no cost. inside the cave is a little chilly so a small jacket would be recommended.

Cueva de las Manos es muy viejo. El cueva es frio.

Beunos Aires zoo

Located in Beunos Aires and covers 45 acres of land, there are 49 species of reptiles, 175 species of birds and 89 species of mammals, there's a total of 2,500 animals. The zoo was founded 118 years ago, you can go visit for a cost of 83 dollars which includes boat rides.

El zoo mucho grande. Hay muchos animals en el zoo.

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