The Mainsail Newsletter - Issue 1 2019

From the Principal

We are already at Week 5 of Term 1!

As your child grows from a gorgeous Kindergarten student with Velcro straps on their shoes to a dishevelled teenager with attitude, spare a thought for the teachers. We spend more waking hours with the students in a normal week than you do as parents. The only benefit of our profession is that, like grandparents, we get to give them back each day.

I have enjoyed being out talking to students in the past few weeks about the new Gymnasium that is under construction. Our students are in the unique situation that they will live for most of their school life with something new coming along every year.

This is exciting. Bigger buildings, more innovative technology, luxury educational items all pale into insignificance if the teacher delivering the lesson is not skilled, enthusiastic and caring.

At St James’ our focus is to foster a growth mindset within our students. ‘Flexible learning spaces’ is the catchcry of modern education, but the real flexibility must be in the minds that we help shape.

I would like to congratulate the parents, students and staff at St James’ in the first few weeks of 2019 for their ability to embrace progress and adapt to a constantly changing environment. The buildings have changed, but the mantra remains the same. Strong relationships will always lead to excellent results. Parents and students find it difficult to resist opportunities to improve when they are in a close and caring relationships with their teachers. Every single day we all have two choices - to be positive or to be negative. Our community has always chosen the former over the latter. Of that, I am extremely proud.

As I said at the start of our school journey in 2015, say hello to someone new, introduce old friends to new, offer an olive branch to someone with differing views; become one of the Orange Army in the true sense of the word. Strangers are just people that you haven’t met yet!

Mr Adrian Pree

From the Head of Junior School

It’s hard to believe but we’re halfway through Term 1! The past five weeks have flown by as the students have settled into their new classes and got to know both their teacher and their peers. Likewise, teachers have been getting to know their students and setting goals for the year ahead. They’ve also started the process of meeting with parents to share these goals and work out each student’s individual pathway.

An overriding belief of mine (and from talking to many parents, theirs as well) is that it is essential for a child to be happy at school, as once they are relaxed in their environment they will then be able to flourish academically. Part of our approach at St James’ is to provide the students with situations where they can develop shared experiences with their peers and teachers. These memories help bind a cohort and ultimately help each individual to feel at ease. These can occur in the classroom, playground or through pastoral activities arranged in House time. They also occur on our school camps.

As Term 1 progresses we start to engage with our camp program. A program that aims to help develop individual confidence and independence as the children spend time away from home. This starts in Year 2 with a one night sleepover in the collaborative area where they’ll share some dinner, watch a movie and (hopefully) get a good night’s sleep. The Year 3s develop the one night sleepover by pitching tents on the school grounds and having their sleepover under canvas, whilst the Year 4s head to the country town of Williams for a two night stay on a farm. Here they will be exposed to farm life, the history of the area and a first chance to stay away from St James’. The Year 5s becomes more adventurous as they head to the Swan Valley where they will abseil, kayak and zip line amongst other things. These activities are designed to challenge them and build shared experiences where the students support each other. Finally, the Year 6 group venture to Rottnest for a four day camp. Here they cycle around the island, meet quokkas, engage in stories about the island and create final memories as they complete their Junior School journey.

I wish all students, staff and parent volunteers who are attending these camps all the best, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Mr Dan Mornement

From the Head of Senior School

The start to the 2019 school year has been outstanding.

The Year 7 students have settled into their new environment, becoming familiar with the change of subjects, rooms and teachers during the day. They have taken this in their stride and appear to be happy and engaged. On their recent camp, they developed new friendships and pushed their own boundaries through a series of challenging activities.

Year 8 and 9 student continue to work purposefully and are establishing sound foundations for their future studies. In particular, the Year 9 students are enjoying the variety of options they have chosen to augment their general studies. These include, Japanese, Art, Drama, Sport Science, Food Technology, Marine Studies and Design and Technology.

Meanwhile, our Year 10 students have already started to explore future study pathways – ATAR, General and VET options. As the year progresses, they will settle on a pathway based on their academic ability, interests and potential future career opportunities. We look forward to seeing our students continuing to ‘strive for excellence’ in all that they do.

Mr Chris Hall

From the Chaplain

Well, here we are again. Another year, another new term. Whatever we may think or do time keeps moving on. By having some things that remains constant we can keep ourselves grounded in what we do and how we do it.

Our school keeps to that grounding by having school terms. The difference for us against other schools is our growth. Not only in students but also the buildings. This growth can only take place when we support and encourage each other in all we do. This does not mean we have to agree with everything and everyone. It is these differences that when done with a kind and loving heart help us to be strong in what we do. Like how you celebrate Lent, do you give something up or take something on? The point is, it is about what you do and why, not what others are doing and how. Lent is a time of remembrance and preparation, which is why we give up or take on things, to help us remember what we are doing and why.

As we continue growing there are going to be things, or even people, we don’t like. This does not make you a ‘bad’ person, it is what you do that indicates that. So as we journey through Lent to the glorious death and resurrection of Christ, remember that as God so loved the world, we too have to try and love one another, treating them as we want to be treated.

With every blessing.

Reverend John Taylor

Year 9 Drama Incursion

On Monday 25 February our lucky Year 9 Drama students were treated to a full-day incursion by Into the Mask practitioner, Shane McMullan.

Together Shane and the Year 9 participants explored Commedia dell’ Arte, a 16th century style of (largely) improvised comedy. We workshopped the stock characters, masks, slapstick, lazzi (comic stage business) and scenarios that could be used for their upcoming assessment. A ball was had by all!

Ms Annalisa Sorgiovanni

2019 Interhouse Swimming Carnival

The Orange Army was out in force on Thursday 7 February for the 2019 Interhouse Swimming Carnival at HBF Arena. It was a fantastic day full of fun, support, participation and close competition.

Congratulations to Sydney House who took out both the Junior and Senior School competitions! This year also saw the introduction of the ‘Golden Flipper’ House Spirit Award, which was awarded to the House who actively cheered, supported, got involved and were well behaved. Congratulations to Cervantes for winning this inaugural award.

Thank you to the staff and parents who assisted in various jobs throughout the day and to the students for their positive attitude and effort. Well done on another successful carnival. Go the Orange Army!

Sports Science - Skeletal and Muscular Systems

During their practical Sports Science lessons, Year 9 students have been engaged in ‘Ironman/Ironwoman Challenges’ at Alkimos Beach. Students have been swimming, paddling and beach running their way to health and fitness, whilst reinforcing aspects of the theory component of the course. Mr Pree and Mr Hall have been impressed with their willingness to try a new sport, to give their best effort and to gain a deeper understanding of science as it relates to sport.

Year 10 students have developed their understanding during Physical Education Studies by participating in swimming and running sessions once a week. All students will compete in an Aquathon at the end of the term, which will be an exciting way for them to experience the world of multisport. The students have all shown a positive attitude and demonstrated a willingness to step outside their comfort zone to experience something new in the world of sport.

Miss Jesica Meulenkamp

Food Technology at St James'

A busy start to the term has seen the Year 10 Food Technology classes hold their first successful catering event for the year. The students created an incredible grazing table for the inaugural Year 7 Teacher Meet and Greet. Savoury treats including sausage rolls, meatballs, pea and mint frittata, wraps, cheese and crackers were all on offer. The sweet options however were the most popular treats, with delicious chocolate brownie, mini Banoffe pies and chocolate dipped pretzels all quickly snapped up. Thanks to Mrs Kuiper for her amazing support, creativity and patience. A special thank you also to the students who volunteered to assist on the night - Megan Selfridge, Faith Priestman, Olivia Willmott, Billy Jones, Dylan Scott, Imogen Bean and Mali Burns.

The Year 7 students are working on their Muffin Design Brief. They have been challenged to create a healthy, appealing muffin to snack on. We have been investigating how snacks have the tendency to be unhealthy, with the view of encouraging students to develop more healthy snack eating habits.

Year 8 students have researched the importance of breakfast for growing teenagers and have ordered their own healthy breakfast. I am looking forward to seeing what they create in the next few weeks.

Our Year 9 aspiring chefs are investigating Wet and Dry Methods of Cookery. Students are cooking recipes to demonstrate a selection of these methods. Their favourite so far has been Butter Chicken, demonstrating the wet cookery method of simmering and boiling.

Mrs Angela Robertson

Olives For A Cause

Mr Crane’s Year 2 class has been very busy this term with a special fundraising project. The students picked olives from the trees near the school oval, washed them and put them into brine. They then picked bay leaves and rosemary from around the school grounds to add flavor. The olives have been fermenting for a month and are now finally ready to eat!

Students sold their jars of tasty olives outside the ELC building this afternoon. All money raised is going towards purchasing biodegradable bamboo cutlery for the Canteen.

Community Service at St James'

Earlier this year St James’ Anglican School congratulated Year 10 students Mali Burns, Isabella Canham and Billy Jones who were selected to represent St James’ as Anglicare Ambassadors for 2019. The Anglicare Ambassadors program connects students from schools around WA and gives them the opportunity to engage in social justice, educate them about social disadvantage and empower them to make a difference. On Wednesday 20 February the St James’ students joined all ambassadors at the Anglicare WA School Ambassadors program launch. Student leaders from sixteen different Anglican schools were presented with their badges and listened to various presenters discuss how we can all work together change lives.

We sat down with our Ambassadors to ask them some of the reasons they are so passionate about this program.

What made you first want to be an Anglicare Ambassador?

Isabella - Helping others whenever I can gives me a great sense of fulfilment and achievement, and an area I wish to pursue in my future career.

Mali - A few years back my cousin and aunt were homeless. What they went through was horrible and I do not wish that upon anyone. If I can make a difference I will.

What are you most looking forward to about being an Ambassador?

Mali - I am most looking forward to helping people get their life back on track and help assist them in the best way I can. I may not know who I’ve helped but I at least know someone who was sleeping on a cold floor with only the clothes on their back, may now be safe and happy in a shelter.

Billy – I am most looking forward to helping people.

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to be an Ambassador?

Isabella - Go for it because you can help so many people and if it something you would like to do when you leave school you’ve already got an idea of what it’s about.

Mali – Just go for it! This is a once in a lifetime chance. It is going to be such an amazing experience knowing you have helped someone less fortunate than you.

Billy - Be good to people and be good to yourself, only then will you be truly happy.

Year 10 Forensics

The Science labs became a crime scene this term after our Year 10 Forensics Team received a phone call alerting them to the discovery of a ‘body’ at the School. They had to work together to preserve and record the crime scene, thinking about possible sources of contamination. Once they had recorded the scene they had to piece together the clues. They studied blood spatter patterns and two search warrants were approved. The first suspect, Art Teacher Mrs Burtnyk, was arrested and read her rights this week, while the second suspect is still at large! A trial will be run next week to convict the perpetrator of the crime.

Mrs Laura Briggs

Welcome to the Library

Ms Stone warmly welcomes all students to the Library in the new Senior School Building, from 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 3pm Friday.

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