The Truth About Trump By alex massoud and teddy dienst

President Donald Trump recently said in a meeting with several leading Congressmen as well as members of his cabinet that he was upset about how many immigrants are coming from countries in the African continent, and that the U.S. should have more immigrants coming from places like Norway. He referred to the African countries as “s***holes”, while stating that the current refugees from Haiti should not be allowed to stay in the United States.

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After hearing this remark the first thing that came to mind was that it was a new low for President Trump. While it does not completely shock me, it once again lowers the ever-sinking bar of the supposed leader of the free world. While President Trump shares ideals with Republican presidents of the past, no leader in our country’s history has shown a disregard for foreign respect or foreign relations like President Trump has. President Trump’s lack of political experience may be hurting him here, or perhaps this is just his true nature being revealed to the American public once again.

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The thing that should be the most concerning, however, is that I am not sure whether or not this shows President Trump is a racist, or more simply, a classist. I hope dearly that his remarks about Africa vs. Norway stemmed from a belief that Norway is a much wealthier country than African countries, which is true, and therefore immigrants from Norway are somehow superior. This is a frightening thought, and one that goes against the very core of our country, but is less frustrating than the alternative.

Racism has plagued this country for centuries, and the American image all over the world has perhaps been irreparably tarnished by President Trump’s recent comments.

If, in fact, Trump would like immigrants from Norway because they are predominantly white, then this is a much larger, and horrendous issue. While racism undoubtedly exists in this country, the president should have no prejudices whatsoever. This is not a new concern about President Trump, but this far and away would be the most direct example of racism in the Trump White House.

Many Trump supporters, such as Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity, have said that these remarks are not such a big deal, and that the country needs to become more comfortable with swearing. The issue, however, is not with the swearing. While no President should be swearing, we have come to expect far worse from Donald Trump. No, the issue is the racism. Racism has plagued this country for centuries, and the American image all over the world has perhaps been irreparably tarnished by President Trump’s recent comments.

Trump should take accountability for his actions, he owes the United States, as well as the rest of the world a little bit more than other people apologizing for him or initiating a sarcastic remorse. The United States of America cannot be represented by a bigot who does more on twitter than in the Oval Office. Either President Trump must change his language, and potentially attempt to change his beliefs, or the United States must consider replacing President Trump with a stronger, more suitable candidate for the job who stands for all Americans.

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