U.S. Constistution 6 Guiding Principles

The Constitution is a written document based on rules of the people. The Constitution was written on September 17, 1787 so the people could have a say in who rules and so that the government didn't have too much power.


Federalism divides power between states and the federal government. As a result, it keeps a balance of power. In article 1, section 2, clause 1, it says states are not allowed to print their own money. Also, in article 1, section 9, clause 5, it states the federal government can't create taxes for states.

Separation Of Powers

Separation of powers divides the power into 3 branches, executive, legislative, and judicial. Since they divide the power into 3 branches it balances the power. In article 1, section 3, clause 6, the senate has the sole power to try all impeechments. In article 2, section 2, clause 1, the president commands the army and navy of the United States.

Limited Government

Limited government makes sure the government doesn't get too much power. The constitution makes sure the government doesn't take away any given rights.In the first amendment the constitution gives the people freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. In the third amendment it says that no soldier can be quartered in any houses, without the owner's consent.

Popular Sovereignty

Popular sovereignty means the people are the source of the governments power. If the government has no people then it has no power. In the Preamble the first 3 words of the constitution are "we the people", which means the people are in control of the the government.

Checks and Balances

Checks and balances makes sure each branch of government can limit the power of the other two. This makes it so that no branch overpowers another one. In article 1, section 2, clause 5, it says the senate can impeech the president.

Representative Government

Representative government allows the citizens to elect representatives to make laws. The people have control of who makes the laws. In article 1, section 2, clause 1, it says the people choose members of the House of Representatives every second year, they elect a president every fourth year, and elect members of the senate every sixth year.

1. When was the Constitution written?

2. What are the first 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights?

3. What do you think is the most important amendment?

4. What is the function of the senate?

5. Do you think having electoral votes is a good thing or a bad thing?

6. What would happen if the president and vice president both died in office?

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