Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH by: Marisa coloney

Nature on Display

I enjoyed the exhibit entitled "South Florida People and Environments" because it explored the state we currently live in. I learned about the different shells and other natural resources found and used by the natives. It also used figurines, and settings within the exhibit to help get across the history and stories behind our state. I enjoyed getting to see the chiefs hut, and see a representation of what it could have looked like.

Nature and Ethics

The museum definitely heard Leopold's call to "love, respect, and admire" nature. Upon entering the Butterfly Rainforest, I was told to make sure I watched my step to avoid stepping on a butterfly and to be careful when opening and closing the doors.Throughout, I felt happy because I was able to experience something new. I became inspired to visit more nature scenes and even smelled the environment as I walked across. I smelled the waters and forest together and couldn't help but smile as I walked across. Some people were as engaged as I was ,most were walking slowly to fully see everything. This rainforest truly allowed the visitors to connect with nature because instead of just reading about what's in the forest, one could actually see it and see how beautiful it truly is. It allowed for actual appreciation as well as instilling an ethical responsibility. Walking around I knew I had to be mindful that the butterflies, and some birds, live here and that we can't mistreat them and see them as pretty things that can just be touched and harmed. This demonstrates that Leopold instilled the ethical responsibilities as I felt one with them and not above as a predator would feel.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum gives us the chance to forget what is happening currently in our lives and learn and explore the past and different parts of the world around us. It gives us a chance to process what is going on around, to stop and think about the natural world, past and present. There are so many things going on around us, even as we walk around campus, getting to have this experience to step out of the academically focused world into a space about the natural world was very refreshing.

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