Important Discovery Made By Local Student By THOMAS ZHOU SCIENCE REPORTER

On 21 June, the government of Canada made an important announcement. In Unionville High School, two 12th grade female students have discovered drugs which can destroy cancer cells.

Everyday they use microscope to experiment

They call this the JT21. The drug that they discovered has shocked the whole world. Many countries want to buy this drug, but they said they do not need the money. They will give the drug to the Canadian government so that the government can use it to treat cancer patients.

We went to Unionville high school and talked to their teacher. "They are the best students I have ever taught, and they are very smart!" he remarked.
Their friends said," They are geniuses! They are Incredible" Their parents said, "We love her, and we're proud of her."
science can give anyone fun

Because of this drug, they received 2016 Best Contribution Award, 2016 Best Invention Award, and 2016 Best Scientist Award. Harvard University invited them to visit the university. They have offered them full scholarships as well.


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