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Update on Conferences:

Night conferences will not be officially rescheduled. Teachers will be in contact with all parents that were scheduled for a night conference to set up an individual meeting/phone conference. Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Happy 100th day of school! February 8th, 2019

PTA Posts

International Dinner

By: Aiden K. and Blake J.

The international dinner night is when families make dishes from their culture, and bring them to school for a big dinner. Everyone who comes gets to try lot of delicious food from many different cultures. There were also many different activities during the dinner, like a band that played and crafts like making a Chinese lantern, sketch book, or a peacock. This year’s international dinner was on Friday, January 25. I hope that everyone had a good time and enjoyed the meal!

Roller Skating

By: Emerson D. and Diya. R.

Roller Skate Night was on February 17th (and so were two birthdays from our school)! This event was located at 4500 Easton Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18020. From 6:00 to 8:00, there was roller skating. It didn’t matter if you were good at skating, because everyone had a chance to roll around the rink! From 8:20 to 8:30, there was a dance off. (For the dance off, you didn’t need skates.) We even played a game called Four Corners! Snacks and drinks were available for purchase at the snack stand. It was a great night!

Author Day

By: Hajin C.

Kevin McCloskey, an author and illustrator, visited our school for a great start to the new year! He taught us how he made his books, how he did research, and he shared some of the facts he learned. He also taught us about the animals he wrote about, like worms, fish, and flamingos. There was even a worm race! He told us that being a illustrator is hard work, and he needed another job to afford it, so Mr. McCloskey is also a professor at Kutztown University. He encouraged many students to follow their interests. Our school loved the presentation by Mr. McCloskey.

Drama Club Performance

By: Logan V. and Addison G.

On January 23rd, the 4th and 5th grade drama club put on their performance of How to Become a Pirate. The play was about a boy who was approached by a group of pirates. He joined them and became their digger for treasure. It was hilarious! We hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks to Mrs. Peters for creating and directing a great play and Mrs. Scomillio for all your guidance.

Leader In Me

Leading Edge Martial Arts

By: Zoe T. and Olivia R.

On Friday, February 8th, Leading Edge Martial Arts came to our school. During the karate assembly, we learned the word discipline and how important it is to stay focused. They also taught us to defend ourselves and people around us. We learned how to kick and punch the right way. Kids soon learned how to block their heads, so they did not get lightly bonked by the teachers with foam pads! We learned how to hit a person that is about to attack. We also learned what to do if we were ever about to be taken or kidnapped. We also talked about what a bully is and why some people become bullies. I think the Karate Assembly was a good idea because it helps kids become proactive!

Begin with the end in Mind

By: Ella S. and Addison G.

Hello, Asa Packer students and parents! Welcome to February. This month we will be showing to how to Begin With The End in Mind. For example, that means when you start a project, you begin with the idea of what you want it to be like in the end. Another example, if you are getting an allowance, and you want a bike, you can’t spend it all when you immediately get it. You have to save it. Then, your goal will be achieved and you will get your bike. Or if you are doing a school project, you cannot just rush through it on the last night. If you do that, it will not look good. It will look like what it is; A project that was not thought over, and rushed through. No one will enjoy it. That is not beginning with the end in mind. So, Asa Packer, Begin with the end in mind!

Student Council


Asa Packer students helped raise over $600 for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on our Pajama Day on December 8th, 2018. WOW!

Chemo Bags and Coins for cancer

Grade 5 State Floats

By: Leyna J.

What’s your favorite of our 50 states? Every year, Asa Packer’s 5th grade does a project all about a state they selected. They have to write a report, create a slideshow, and make a float. In class, they had time to gather the information they need, write the report, and do the slideshow. When they’re done, they make their floats at home. A float is a box wrapped in paper of the state’s colors or the colors of its flag, with items and pictures attached that represent the state’s major industries, tourist attractions, and symbols. 5th grade presented to parents and other students on February 14th! We hope you enjoyed getting to see our creations!

Specialist Scoop

Physical Education News!

By: Mrs. R. Davis

Where has the time gone??!! We are halfway through the school year. Students have been working hard in class and are happily playing well.

Primary students have spent their time learning and improving their basic motor skills, finding out more about their own bodies and how they move, as well as experiencing lots of activities using a variety of manipulatives. Now students are going to put those skills to use while performing animal walks, basic tumbling, rhythmics, parachute, scooter, and a group of games called “New Games”. Students can’t wait to play “Snake In The Grass” again! Secondary students have been building on their communications skills and how to work within a team atmosphere. So far, students have had units in soccer, floor hockey, volleyball and basketball. We also spent time on learning how to keep score in bowling. Students are preparing for their square dancing unit, which is Mrs. Davis’ favorite unit to teach. They will also be working on track and field as well as sports known as diamond sports.

Fifth grade students are most anxious to start their testing and competing to become a member of the Asa Packer Frank Broad Track Meet. Each year, we have a district wide competition held at Liberty High School. All 16 elementary schools enter teams to compete in the following events: 50 M Dash, 100 M Dash, 4 X 200 M Relay, Softball Throw, Running Long Jump and High Jump. Good luck to all our students!!

In the Art Room!

By: Ms. Esposito

Our 3rd marking period focus areas are The Natural World and Community.

In Kindergarten students are putting the final touches on their "Snail Playgrounds", a sculptural tie in with our visiting artist and author, Kevin McKloskey. We are starting "Tall Winter Tree Scenes" to explore the concepts of seasons and landscape, and the techniques of collage and painting. In 1st grade we have been making stick puppets! Students are very excited to develop their characters and figure out what roles they play in our puppet community.

1st Grade Puppets

2nd and 3rd graders are weaving and sewing. Students are developing practical hand skills with a series of fiber art projects. We are also finding out how these traditional crafts are shared by all cultures around the world!

3rd grade weaving

4th graders are involved in a special collaborative project with the Southside based Touchstone Theatre. Students have been invited to design visionary pennants for "Festival UnBound", a city-wide celebration set for the Fall of 2019. They are currently developing drawings to represent their hopes for the future of Bethlehem! http://www.touchstone.org/community/unbound/ In 5th grade we are discussing the environment and sustainability. We are looking at art that addresses these issues, such as the "Washed Ashore" project. Students are creating paper mâché fish sculptures from recycled materials, like plastic water bottles and newspaper. http://washedashore.org

Spanish with Senora Spengler

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! (Happy New Year!) Spanish students were excited to learn about how the New Year is celebrated in different ways. They also enjoyed learning about El Día de los Tres Reyes (Three Kings Day). ¿Qué día es hoy? ¿Qué tiempo hace? Spanish classes have spent the past several weeks learning days of the week, months of the year, dates, seasons and weather vocabulary! We also continue to explore the culture and geography of different Spanish-speaking countries around the world!

Music with Mrs. Rhode

The second half of the year is always a busy time! In Music Class we move into a more performance based style of learning. Kindergarten is working on creating steady beats and rhythms using quarter notes and quarter rests and they will be performing them in class using various rhythm instruments. 1st grade, 3rd grade, and 5th grade have begun working on their Spring Concert pieces. The Spring Concert has been moved up a whole month then when it usually is. The Spring Concert is April 26th this year. Second grade has also begun working on their pieces for their Flutophone Concert, which will be held May 3rd. We recently just finished composing and performing our very own Gregorian chants(in English and otherwise modified as well). Fourth graders are learning about the art of conducting and have been learning how to play a few chords on the recently purchased ukuleles! Thank you PTA! After the Spring Concert in April, third, fourth, and fifth grades will continue on an in-depth study in the art of playing the ukulele.

Digital Literacy with Ms. Mertz

By: Emerson D. and Diya R.

In digital literacy class, the primary wing is researching Caldecott award winning books and illustrations, as well as discovering different art mediums. Grades 3-5 are working on a research project. 3rd grade can research anything, 4th grade is looking up modern authors like J.K. Rowling, while 5th grade is researching about classic authors, like the Brothers Grimm. Students are also continuing special lessons about online tools like Flipgrid or WeVideo.

Recap of the Holiday Season :)

We know we Are a bit behind!! But enjoy our recap of the awesome holiday season at Asa Packer!

Glee Club

By: Rebecca D.

The glee club performance was on December 21st, 2018. Glee club sang 9 songs which included Feliz Navidad, Silver Bells, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, and Do You Want to Build a Snowman. Glee club also got to use bells to play along with the songs. At the end of the performance the people who participated earned a reindeer candy cane. Glee club practiced every Thursday to get ready for the concert. There were about 30 kids participating in glee club. Glee club did an excellent job! A big thank you to Mrs. Sherman and Ms. Poppa for guiding us.

Grade 3 Holiday Project

By: Lily D.

The holiday project is a third grade class assignment. Students put together a project based on a holiday celebrated in another country. It can be any holiday, but you have to try not to pick the same as other people. Everyone had to research and write down facts about what they learned. They can either make a poster or a slideshow. Once it is time to present it, families can come to watch. Putting it together hard work, but everyone did a great job learning and presenting!

Winter Workshop

By: Addison G., Mckinzie L., and Leyna J.

On December 13th, 2018, the teachers put together a new project! Teachers set up crafts, games, stories, and a movie for the students for the Winter Wonderland Workshop! The workshop was a two hour activity just for fun! All of the students were invited to come from 6-8 pm for time to hang out with friends! Hot chocolate with whipped cream was served for free! The students in attendance got to watch the Polar Express. The teachers and students made candy cane ornaments, bird feeders, and just normal tree ornaments. It was a lot of fun! The kids that went will agree!

QUiz the Season

By: Olivia R. and Zoe T.

During the month of December, Mrs.Rhode gave us Christmas trivia for 12 days. There were hard and easy questions. Some questions she asked were: What is the reindeer that starts with B? The answer was Blitzen. What character poses to be Santa in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas? The answer was Jack Skellington. Quiz the season ended on December 21st (the last day before our winter break.) On December 21st we had the glee club performance, the sing along and winners were pulled to win gift cards. Students really enjoy this trivia contest!

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