Revolution Project what was the main takeaway from the yemen civil war and what was the purpose of it happening?

Some things that were challenging were trying to find some long term and short term problems of the Yemen Civil War. I learned some interesting things while researching about the Yemen Civil War. They have a lot of famine and they are a very poor country in a lot of poverty. This project changed my outlook on revolutions , because I thought that revolutions were just about a lot of violence that is not always the case. I chose this modern day revolution because it happened really recently and I have never heared of this war before and it just really really interested me.

The incubation stage and some causes of the Yemen Civil War were that for more than a year, Yemen, the Arabs poorest country, has been wracked by a bloody war between the Houthi rebels and supporters of Yemen's internationally recognised government. Most of Yemen's poverty is due to dire water shortages. Amid the poverty, political corruption, and insurgency seethed. Before the war, Yemen relied on 90% of its necessity goods as imports, so the Saudi-led blockade rapidly turned the conflict into a matter of survival for all civilians, whether in a conflict zone or not.

Some systematic causes/short term causes of Yemen are that there has been an effective blockade of most goods entering Yemen. Additionally, most companies in Yemen have been forced to close down due to insecurity or lack of resources, resulting in widespread unemployment within Yemen, making food unaffordable for most families. This loss of plant and equipment for food production is a serious issue for the duration of the war after hostilities end.

I think that my Revolution has definitely entered the crisis stage. And things aren't beginning to look good for Yemen. A minimum of 10,000 civilians have been killed or wounded. Since the Saudi-led coalition began its bombing campaign in Yemen in March, there has been an average of thirteen civilian casualties a day. They fear dying of starvation, rather than dying of bombs. Because in the bombing raid, they would all die together.

I think that Yemen has entered the Convalescence stage because more than 2.4 million people have left their homes and and more than 14 million are unable to meet their food needs and other basic needs. It has been a terrible year for Yemen, during which a war peppered with airstrikes, shelling, and violence had raged on in the already impoverished country.

Some similarities between the Yemen and American civil war would be that they both started because of debt and economic situations. Some more similarities would be that they both lost some land or gain some land, some people were inaugurated or reelected. Some differences would be that Yemen had to overthrow the Salih government, but america didn't have to overthrow any government. America would gain Independence, But Yemen would not really gain any freedom or Independence.



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