View survey data in context, in seconds with Concentric Survey Manager

The Concentric Data Analysis Platform is an upcoming line of products from American Innovations. Scroll down for a detailed look into how the first Concentric product, Survey Manager, will let you visualize multiple types of surveys.

Let's start by imagining a Pipeline

It's a relatively new pipeline segment that's isolated on both ends and is about 1.6 miles long. It starts at a facility with some aboveground equipment west of Greeley, Colorado, and ends at a road, with what appears to be a creek bed in-between. The terrain appears to be mostly flat farmland. Continue scrolling for some images of the pipeline that we generated with Survey Manager.

A grid map view of the pipeline segment
A terrain map view of the pipeline segment

Scenario 1: Depolarized Potential Survey

A recent depolarized potential survey for this pipeline shows something strange. As you can see in the Survey Manager screen captures that follow, there's a significant voltage fluctuation at around 1,250 feet. This indicates that there's something not quite right, but without more information we have more questions than answers. Could there be a protected structure above or below our pipeline? Is a nearby pipeline affecting the reading?

The depolarized potential survey results for our pipeline segment
A more granular view of the depolarized potential survey results

Scenario 2: depolarized Potentials + CIS Data

To help shed some light on the potential issue, let's use Survey Manager to overlay close interval survey data taken shortly after the native survey. In the Survey Manager screen capture that follows, notice that the CIS results fluctuate in the same area, confirming that there's interference. This rules out the possibility that the fluctuation is due to an IR reading problem.

Depolarized results overlaid with on and off CIS survey readings

Scenario 3: AC/DC Voltage Gradient Survey

Now that we've confirmed interference in the area, we need to know if there are any coating defects and their severity. An AC or DC voltage gradient survey will show the location and size of coating defects so that we can see if one of them aligns with our dip in potentials. Survey Manager makes it easy to show both surveys at the same time and synchronize views to corroborate the location of the holiday.

DCVG survey results

As shown in the Survey Manager screen capture above, there is indeed a holiday aligned with the area of interference so we can be quite sure there is a legitimate interference problem in this area given the results of our depolarized potential, CIS and DCVG surveys. It might be advisable to install a coupon test station there to get more information about the issue before doing a more direct inspection. Even without a test station, though, these comparisons help us determine that a direct inspection or in-line inspection may be warranted.

the takeaway

Viewing different types of surveys simultaneously and in the context of each other is invaluable. It leads to better decisions about test station locations, direct assessment needed, and the priority for in-line inspections. Aligning and visualizing the survey data manually is very difficult and time-consuming. Survey Manager aligns all of the data for you with just a few mouse clicks. Today, it supports depol, native, close-interval, DCVG and ACVG comparisons with more to come.

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