BirdPack By Lance & Aiden

Our invention is inspired by all birds that are able to fly and soar high in the sky. It uses space age technology and ideas from the sky above. It's most innovative and resourceful part was the new wing design. They are almost weightless, almost bird like. It will have a symmetrical airfoil that will provide lift in both directions to help with acrobatic flight. It will also help with fuel efficiency. Each one of the high advanced jet turbine engines would be able to carry 125 lbs each. It will be able with the right conditions to have a top speed of over 100mph. Also you will be able to glide to save fuel too. Since the thrust of both engines will be able to carry 250 lbs the person can weigh up to 200 lbs. The fuel tank will have about 4 gallons of fuel so that when it was fully filled you could fly for 10 minutes. We have merged the past and the future into one. Our company has evolved from making rockets to bridges and now to Jet back.


Created with images by Oldiefan - "greenfinch bird foraging"

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