A Visit with Erica Perl a cappy time was had by all

Thank you for the writer's advice, especially about taking a break and sleeping on it and doing something else.

--Eddie M.

It impressed me when you said ʺIf you write something down you can make a story out of it.ʺ Thank you for inspiring me and telling me that writers block isn't a thing.

--Cassie K.

You said once you write down an idea you can make it into a story. That really stuck out to me.


Your visit made me think about the fact I might want to be in a play. Thank you for influencing me.

--Allies M.

Share something that Erica Perl said that made an impression on you:

Guess what? Chicken butt!


Capybaras Rule! Now I think that acting isn't as hard as I thought it was.

--Will H.

Thank you for visiting Swanson. I'm an actor in a sports family, so this was a pretty cool presentation.

--Bryce G.

Thank you for visiting our school. I loved that we were able to act out a scene in your book.

--Ella W.

I really think capybaras are interesting and your presentation was awesome. Thank you. I want to read the book!

--Finn H.

Thank you so much for a very cappy afternoon at Swanson! We're very grateful to you for inspiring our students and staff to record our ideas and inspirations and to be open to all kinds of ideas for stories.
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