Happy Birthday Tai Smith mmmmm wine

In the weeeee hours of Sunday morning we will get on this bad boy and zip up to Perth.

We will go to the counter at the airport and jump in our little bumbly car which we will have for the entire stay then we will zip down to .........

LILI's house to join a car gang and head down to Margaret river where we are staying 4 nights in an awesome giant house right near town

After drinking all of Voyager estate, Vasse Felix etc etc's wine.... ALLL THE WINEEEEE Then we have an extra 5 nights. We have free accom at Drues brothers house, but that 5 days is free to plan what ever we like :DDDDDD

there is carry on of 7kg each and then 3 20kg bags. Drue and I are sharing a bag so the third 20kg bag is just for you to bring back wine in!!! Your mum has chucked in so you have a spare $200 to spend on whatever you like!! The car, accom, flights and bags are all paid for so kick back, relax and guzzle the good wine :D

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