The French Revolution by ilina kabra myp3 green

The frivolous 14-year old Marie Antoinette

Image 1: This picture illustrates Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France and the wife of King Louis XVI. She and her husband lived a lavished lifestyle that angered the poverty stricken Third Estate (the peasants and urban workers)

Image 2: This image illustrates France's government income in 1774. As shown in the source above, the third estate had to pay 67% of indirect taxes. Indirect taxes means taxes that are paid to the government. However, not only does the third estate have to pay indirect taxes, but also Feudal Dues (paying in goods eg; wheat, crops, animals, livestock, etc.)

Image 3: This image shows a member of the Third Estate being carried and whipped by two French Soldiers for stealing money. The Third Estate Member is being whipped and flogged because he stole money since he didn't have any money to live and to be able to pay taxes. Also because of the huge debt that France was in due to the American Revolution, more ad more members of the Third Estate were suffering.

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