Mars Welcome home!

Do you have an itch to do something adventurous? Maybe we can scratch that itch by helping you traveling to Mars!

Space! We need more space! There's not enough of it here on Earth. But you know where there's lots of it? Mars! That's right, Mars! The big, red planet in the sky. Not a single person there. You can change that. The colonization of Mars is underway, and YOU are invited. We have jobs, we have the houses, we even have the air. But we don't have you! Plenty of space, more space than you can imagine.

I know what you are thinking: Mars? Why, would I want to go there? There is nothing there! That is exactly our point here. You can do whatever your heart desires. There is nothing there that can stop us from what we want to do. Our plan is to colonize the planet to make it a new home, for you and your families. To build a new community that you can call home. Earth is rife with poverty, synthetic food, and, even for the most optimistic, can seem a bit dull. Mars is a new planet, new grounds. A fresh start.

With a fresh start comes fresh opportunities. A brand new community to build from the ground up. We need your help to grow our community in this new land. In this community we will have the opportunity to help each other learn and grow as people. We will have each other to lean on if any troubles come your way.Everyone is treated as an equal and nobody is turned down for any situation.

Food! What about are we are going to do about food? We have the fields to grow on, we just need the people. From community gardens, to opens fields we have what you are looking for, we just don't have who we need. Imagine, fresh food: no synthetics, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, textures, etc. All fresh. Pluck a tomato right off the vine and eat it whole. No problem!

Low on funds? No problem! We just need you! The amount you have here on Earth won't affect what you have on Mars. Everyone starts anew there. There is no economy, yet. Which gives everyone an equal opportunity, in a new economical market.

For the adventurers out there, we haven’t forgotten about you! Just think about it: new places to be explored, new heights to achieve, and new valleys to uncover. Who wouldn't want to discover Mars? I know I would! There are thousands to millions of square miles that needed to be scouted. We need people who aren’t afraid to explore the unknown of a new planet. This is only the first colony. That’s where you come in. Imagine being the one that helps found the next settlement because you located the perfect place. There’s a whole wide world out there waiting for you!

We’ve only touched on what Mars has to offer. There is a whole world ready for us. It has adventure, it has fresh chances, it has new ideas, it has everything anyone looking for a change could ask for. A new community needs everyone. It needs you. Mars is waiting for you.

Welcome Home!

Created By
Kendra Cecil

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