January Tasting Notes Wine Ambassador's First Collection of 2019

Happy New Year to all of our Wine Ambassadors!

This month, we'll be focusing on ways you can build up your business inside of Wine Ambassador. To that end, we want to help you establish a solid foundation for your growth in 2019 -- and for us, that always starts with educating you on our wines.

Which brings us to the wines we've selected for the January 2019 Four-Bottle Collection!

This month, the wines we've chosen were purposely selected because they do all of the following things:

  • Each bottle will create the perfect post-holiday tasting experience...
  • There are varietals that pair perfectly with the foods people tend to crave this time of year...
  • Each wine was selected with your present and your future in mind...
  • And, every bottle is a proven "BEST SELLER" to help you build your business using a product that truly does all the work for you!

Let's get started a video of Wine Ambassador CEO, Lou Zant, taking you through a complete tasting experience, followed by some written notes and tips to help you kick off your new year right!

2017 Parables in White Chenin Blanc + Viognier

We are bringing back this elegant white wine for the start of the new year not only because it's delicious, but also because it is the perfect wine to drink when switching to lighter, more diet-friendly foods.

This white wine is made up of 83% Chenin Blanc grapes, and 17% Viognier grapes. These two varietal marry together to create a crisp, but very light wine with clean and fruity notes -- which is the perfect wine to drink with a delicious winter salad.

This wine also holds up brilliantly with a spicy turkey chili, or a healthy quinoa salad studded with protein-filled chickpeas and seasonal greens.

Tip: In case you or one of your guests are counting calories, a white wine like this Parables in White is only about 120 calories for a full 5 oz. pour. Not too bad for something that is so stunningly delicious and worth every calorie!

2016 Carmel Ridge Chardonnay

The Carmel Ridge Chard is another fan favorite from one of our previous collections, but we brought it back this month because it is so good.

Generally speaking, white wines tend to be slightly less popular with a large cross section of wine drinkers, and so if you find a white wine that truly "nails it," you want to keep it around!

That's what we've discovered with this 2016 Carmel Ridge. It is consistently the one wine that changes people's minds about white wines.

Tip: This wine will be in short supply after this month because it sells so well. But white wines don't have as long of a shelf life as red wines do, and so when we picked this wine to be featured in one of our collections, we deliberately secured just enough to carry us into the New Year. But now is the time to drink this wine -- and because it pairs so well with salads and lighter meals, it is our pleasure to offer you one of the luckiest finds in our entire collection so far!

2012 LeBelle Bordeaux Blend

Now is one of the best times to do a tasting to help your customers and fellow Wine Ambassadors start to build up their very own wine cellars!

Having the perfect bottle of wine on hand for every occasion takes time and attention -- and that's why we picked this 2012 LeBelle for the month of January.

This red blend has these gorgeous dark-fruit flavors that will continue to develop and enhance over time -- which makes it the best wine in this collection to hold onto until the perfect moment arrives!

Using what is known as the "Bordeaux style" of winemaking, this wine follows the Old World traditions used in some of the most remarkable French wines ever made.

However, even though this style of winemaking favors a longer time in the bottle, this 2012 LaBelle will already be impressive if you open it today -- which makes this the perfect wine for you as you build your business or your own wine collection!

Tip: When you host a tasting party -- especially in January -- it's a great idea to help your guests focus on future occasions to have this perfect bottle of red on hand. That's why we chose this bottle of LeBelle -- it's a red wine your guests will enjoy right now, and one everyone can look forward to!

2014 Canihan Exuberance Syrah

There's something about a Syrah that is so special, but when it comes to this 2014 Canihan Exuberance, the style points go through the roof!

We've decided to feature this specific red wine in January because it is made bio-dynamically. This category of wine growing and making goes above and beyond organic, which makes it the perfect wine to serve and experience at the start of a new year.

People seem to take a more deliberate inventory of what they eat and drink in January, and so by offering up this incredibly clean and honestly made wine, we've helped you create the perfect way to connect to your more health-conscious friends and family with a wine they can truly savor.

A red wine like this Exuberance Syrah is a beautiful choice with lush micro-greens and saucy soups. But honestly, this wine pairs well with just about anything! This varietal of wine never lands too heavy on your palate so fresh, healthy dishes are only enhanced -- never over-powered.

Tip: You don't need a special occasion to pull out a wine like this 2014 Canihan Syrah -- all you really need is a cozy night in with your family or friends!

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