Quick & Healthy Lunches Perfect for Back to School, the Office, or Any Time You Need Lunch in a Snap

Easy Chicken Panini

A toasty panini with crispy bread, warm tasty filling, and melty cheese makes a satisfying, diabetes-friendly lunch. Cook the paninis in a pan (cast iron works great here) over low heat so that the filling warms all the way through without burning the bread. This is also a great batch/meal prep recipe: assemble all of the sandwiches ahead of time, wrap individually in foil, and then toast the panini just before serving. Pair this sandwich with a simple side salad, like this Spinach, Avocado, and Summer Berry Salad below, for a balanced, heart-healthy meal.

Chicken Caesar Salad Lunch Wraps

If sandwiches aren't your thing, or you're looking to change things up a bit, try this restaurant-style wrap. It's tangy, stays fresh all morning, and is very easy to make. And if you want to keep it even simpler, use cooked rotisserie chicken from your grocery store to save time.

Powerhouse Kale Salad

Is there anything better suited for lunch than a loaded salad? This vegetarian, low-carb salad is built for everyone—loaded with protein and leafy greens that will power you through your day without wrecking your glucose levels. Main course salads like this are a great way to get more vegetables in your diet. Even if you're not a "salad person," this powerhouse will make you a believer.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These low-carb little wraps are quick and simple—but they don’t taste it or look it! They're also a perfect diabetes-friendly lunch option, especially if you have a little leftover grilled or roasted chicken, such as our tasty Roasted Chicken Breasts. Having a party? No one needs to know these are super healthy. In fact, focus on the fun and let your guests assemble their own lettuce wraps!

Spinach, Avocado, and Summer Berry Salad

This superfood salad is packed with antioxidants and bright, summery flavors. Pair it with a grilled chicken dish or fish, or any of the sandwich options mentioned here.

Pro Tip: Looking for an easier way to make salad dressing? Add all of the dressing ingredients to a jar with a lid. Screw the lid on tightly and shake well until everything is combined. If you're making this salad ahead of time, wait to add the dressing until right before serving.

Lunch in a Box

You want to know the easiest way to keep things healthy and avoid the temptation of budget-busting restaurant lunches? Do a little meal prep and pack your lunch the night before to start your morning with little stress and make the choice to eat well that much easier! This recipe has a number of options, but you can get creative and add ingredients that work for you!

Cheddar Cheese and Broccoli Soup

The perfect partner for a leafy salad is a hearty soup. This diabetes-friendly and heart-healthy option from cookbook author Robyn Webb is great for early fall when the air starts to get a bit cool and crisp. Robyn says, "The most satisfying comfort soup in my opinion is creamy and cheesy. As a kid, Cheddar Cheese and Broccoli Soup was always a staple in our kitchen; however, this version has been slimmed down considerably."

Chicken and Black Bean Burritos

If you've got a little extra carb to "spend," try these heart healthy burritos. They're just like the restaurant-style burritos, but fresh at home, which means you can experiment and dial in the taste just to your liking. Try different veggies or substitute lean beef or pork for chicken to get just the flavor you want.

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