4A16 Maggie Joyce

My name is Kima Best .I grew up in an apartment with my two triplets and my parents. We lived in Paris France. When we got onto the boat to Ellis Island our mother did not pass the medical test and was sent back home. My Father had fallen over board and Jaz ,Anna .and I had to survive on our own. It was hard to get food and many others got sick including my youngest triplet Jaz. Me and Anna had to take care of her and luckily she got better before the end of the trip. When we saw the Statue of Liberty we were all in awe. It was a great big green piece of art .It had a torch in one hand and a book in the other. It was truly beautiful. Anna did not think that it was as pretty as I did .We got to stay in our mothers sister's giant house. It was very big and nice. There were two other kids Loren who was eight years old and Joe who was twelve years old. The house was awesome. We each got our own rooms with access into our sisters rooms. Our cousins neighbor named Morten Berchten lived with them. Our aunt and uncle are very kind they feed us and let us play in their house. When school started again we started middle school. Me, Anna, and Jaz were in all of the same classes and we made alot of new friends including Lilli Ryan, Emily Parch, and Riley Carshin. We also got on the bad side of Emma, the school bully.She liked to pretend that she was the teacher and that she could rule everybody.She also was the most popular girl in school along with Hanna and Allison. Emma was the boss of everybody but at our old school there was no one like her . At lunch one day we saw her and her friends sitting at the biggest table so we went to go sit over there. We sat down the and the whole school went silent. Emma got up, walked over to us, and said in a very mean voice "What do you think you are doing?" we told her that we could sit where ever we want and that she could do nothing about it. When we got home from school that day we told Aunt Melissa and Uncle Ian what had happened and they told us that we did a good job standing up to her and to not let her get to us. That night at dinner we had fish taco! YUM! We couldn't believe that the school year was almost over! Only four more weeks! "Wait, Kima, I haven't seen Jaz in a wihle " said Anna. " Neither have I " I said . ' Let's just let her hide, maybe she'll come out on her own." said Loren. "no, we have to go find her" Anna said, walking out of the room. Eventually we found her in the pantry eating all of the cocoa cookies. the next morning we woke up to Aunt Melissa's chocolate chip waffles with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. Sunday we had the most surprising phone call, the people said that they wanted Anna, Jaz, and me to be actress on the new show " Life with the Bests". The sow was about us three triplets that had moved to California from Paris, stopping at Ellis Island, and then living with our ant and uncle because our parents had both left us. WOW!! Now, we have a house even bigger than Aunt Melissa and Uncle Ian's house. And we lived ghappily ever after. THE END!

These are some pictures of where we came from.
This is a picture of the statue of liberty.

The statue of Liberty is a monument that stands in the New York Harbor. It was a gift to the United States from France. It was modeled after Libertas. The statue of Liberty holds a torch that stands for liberty.

  • I liked the tour of Ellis Island.
  • I liked the facts on the brain pop because they were very interesting.
  • I liked the creative writing part of the project.



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