Oke Olivia Frisco, Erica Charles, Kyle Cusick

Goals: SHEF

S - Security H - Health E - Expansion F - Food

Important Tasks

Protection & Enforcement- 15 of the men and 2 middle age men

Hunting- 5 of the men the 4 oldest boys

Farming- all 10 elderly and 5 women

Gathering- the 2 oldest girls and the 4 young kids

Medicine & Education- all middle age females the other 5 women

Rules to Follow

  1. No stealing of other persons property.
  2. No opposing the authority. Show proper respect to Chancelor and council members.
  3. All goods and supplies must be shared evenly.
  4. Rationing is important and ration rules must be followed.
  5. Everyone must participate in their fair share of work (as outlined in 'tasks').
  6. Must stay within limits of camp unless given the authorization to leave.
  7. Avoid conflict at all costs (should be no rivalry between groups).
  8. All animal figurines must be respected (no inappropriate positions).
  9. Hair is required to eat.

Enforcement of Rules

Rules will be enforced by the protection and enforcement crew. Leaders for each age group must report any violations of the rules. Protection and enforcement must also be in the look out for violations and bring any violators to face the council.


Punishments will be voted on a case by case basis by the council. Most minor violations (like skipping work) will mostly be assigned extra work hours. More serious offenses (like stealing or fighting) may cause the individual to be cast from camp for a certain amount of days.


One person will be voted upon to become the overall leader of the people. Once this person is chosen, they will be titled "Chancellor." After this person becomes Chancelor, 7 leaders from each age group will be elected to become part of the Chancelor's council.

Leaders & Election

Leaders will be represented in each of the age groups. One person from each group will be elected as a leader. The person representing the young children will be the oldest of the group by default. Instead of one person representing the middle age group, two people will to avoid a tie during voting processes.


In all, there will be a group of 7 leaders. Every group will have a leader so that each group can make sure their needs are met and that they are properly represented. The leaders will have the power to report/suggest any important or necessary decisions directly to the Chancelor. The purpose of the council is aid the Chancelor in decision making based off the needs of each group.

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