Electromagnetic Waves TYler Leif

Gamma rays have the most energy of all the electromagnetic waves. The wave length is also the smallest at less then one-tenth of a nano meter. Gamma radiation is one of three natural radioactivity. it is produced by radioactive atoms.

Gamma rays were first discovered by Paul Villard a french chemist in 1900. It happened when he was investigating radiation from radium. A New Zealand born chemist and physicist Ernest Rutherford proposed the name "Gamma Rays".

Gamma Rays are produced by 4 nuclear reactions: Fusion, Fission, Alpha Decay, and Gamma Decay.

The of most common and beneficial uses of X-rays are for medical imagining. the frequency of an X-Rays is about 10^18 Hz and a relatively short wavelength which is a about 10 nano meters. X- Rays were discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Röentgen, a professor in Germany.

the frequency is about 30 trillion Hz and the wave length about 30 cm to 3 mm. They are used for point-to-point communications to convey all types of information.

frequency of infrared waves is about 3 GHz to 400 THz. Wavelength of the wave is about 30 cm to 740 nm. The most common use is for sensing and detecting things because everything on heart gives off heat.

The frequency of radio waves is about 3 KHz to about 300 GHz. Radio waves have the longest wavelength ranging at 1 mm to more than 100 Km. Radio waves are most commonly used for communication.

The frequency of visible light is ranging from about 4 x 10^14 to 8 x 10^18. The wavelength of visible light is from about 340 nm to 740 nm. When you look at a rainbow you are looking at all the visible light bouncing off the rainbow and coming into your eyes.

Ultraviolet waves have a frequency of about 8 × 10^14 to 3 × 10^16. Wave length is about 10 nm to about 380 nm. The most common object you will find UV light in is sunlight. UV light is strong enough to break chemical bonds.


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