Point of view Assignment By: Rylee Priole

Entry 1: The kids Bother Boo Radley

Perspective: Boo Radley

I watch these kids everyday and they seem to always have fun and not care about this horrible word. I wish I could be just as carefree as them, but this world seems so horrible. The are just so many rumors about me and I think they believe them. They are running up to my house right now and they think that know can see them, but I can. The seem scared and afraid, but they seemed interested to find whats inside of my house. They seem like really nice kids and they are raised right by that good man Atticus, from the rumors I hear everybody respects him. It's interesting to watch them grow and learn. They seem to be peeking in the window right now, but they can't see anything because there is something blocking it. They look they are running now. They seem scared. My father must have scared them, he can be a scary man.

Entry 2: Jem Crushes Miss. Dubose's Flower Garden

Perspective: Mrs. Dubose

I did not do anything to this young boy and he just comes up and rips my flowers out of my bushes. They looked nice and he just ruined them. I never said anything to hurt him, except about his horrible father defending a guilty man, but he should know the truth. Their father, Atticus, I think his name is, is defending a guilty black man and he should just give up, they are going to lose anyway. That boy and that little girl, walk by everyday and they have horrible manners. The say hi Mrs. Dubose, when they should be really saying hello Mrs. Dubose. I am just schooling these children in whats right and how do they repay me, by ripping the flowers out of my bushes, they should be punished. I hope I soon figure out what that punishment is because I want it to be the worst. That young boy should suffer for ruining my flower bushes and having such horrible manners. I am a nice old lady and he just ruined my property.

Entry 3: Mayella goes on Trial

Perspective: Mayella Ewell

My father made me come up here that's the only reason why I am doing this. That man Atticus keeps messing with the words I say. He picks at every little thing I say. Some of these people think i'm lying, and they are right, but i'm only doing this to keep my family safe. My father told me to lie and I want to do what he says, I love him. Tom's story is correct. I just wanted to kiss someone, anyone, and he was just there. I felt so alone and I just needed company. If only my father didn't find us, this would have never happened. That man Atticus thinks that my father hurts me, but it's not true, he is a good man, he just has his bad days,like everyone else in the world. I want to get off this stand already, so these people can stop questioning me.

Entry 4: Tom Robinson on Trial

Perspective: Tom Robinson

I am an innocent man. These people do not believe me and it's all because of my skin color. At least I have a good lawyer, who fights for me. I feel like I told my story many times. This women kissed me, I didn't attack her, I would never do that to a women. I can not go to jail I need to stay home and take care of my family I am the only source of income. I just want this whole thing to end and for everyone to go home, but Mr.Ewell as to drag this out just because he doesn't like the color of my skin. I am a good man and hope that maybe one day we can just ignore the color of people's skin. This trail is very scary having all these people staring at me and judging my story. Some of them believe me and some of them don't, because their judgement is clouded by the racism. I want to live in a world where we don't judge people by their skin color because it's not fair. Why are we having this trial if we already know who is going to be accused guilty.


This assignment has taught me many things. It makes me think about what other people might be thinking. It shows that everyone has different points of view of things. I think that Mr. Crooke made this assignment to represent the quote that Atticus said. Atticus told Scout to walk around in other people's skin before you judge them, and this assignment reflected that by us writing about what someone else might be thinking other than Scout. I learned that people may have a reason why they act so mean or happy all the time, because they might have something going on. It was really cool to write about what other people might be thinking and their view on things. Sometimes it was hard to think about what the person was thinking about because you never really know what a person is thinking about. I learned to just involve things that might be going on in their life because that might influence their thinking and judgement.

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