The Hammer of Thor By: Rick Riordan

Place/Location: Hotel Valhalla/Boston, Massachusetts

I imagine that in this book, Boston is a lot like it is in real life. This book is supposed to take place on Earth, and in the 21st century, just in the point of view of someone who sees the world differently than we do. In Hotel Valhalla, I imagine it to be a luxurious five star hotel, with an amazing courtyard and dining room, as well as an enormous battlefield. I imagine Hotel Valhalla to always feel comfortable for the people in the hotel at all times, and that there are never any problems with bad smells or temperature, because Valhalla has magic all around it placed by the gods.

Specific Locations: Thinking Cup (coffee shop), the top of a building, and Floor 19 of Valhalla (Magnus's floor)

The thinking cup was an ordinary coffee shop with ordinary people getting their early morning coffee. Otis the talking goat (who is hidden by something called "mist," and can't be seen by normal humans), is talking with magnus, giving him important information, until Otis's chest is sliced open by a throwing axe.

Magnus chases the axe thrower across the rooftops, using his superhuman strength to leap from building to building. When Magnus gets close enough to the assassin, he unleashes his self-fighting sword, Summerbrander, or Jack, to fight the assassin. The assassin is able to escape, with only a cut on his leg. I see this place as the rooftop of an apartment building, with the normal satelite towers and railings along the edges.

Magnus decided to head back to Hotel Valhalla, and right as the doors to the elevator open, a cheetah runs straight past him. I see floor 19 as a huge, very nicely decorated hallway, with elaborate entrances to each room, and double doors with complex fancy patterns.

Time Period: Modern times

I can tell that this book takes place in modern times. When magnus is fighting the assassin, he says that he can "use a lexus as something to throw at the assassin," and a lexus is a modern day car. In addition, Magnus always mentions iphones, and earbuds, which are modern day technology.

I imagine Hotel Valhalla to be modeled in an old-fashioned type of way. Hotel Valhalla has been around since before the year 1 A.D, meaning that it must have an old fashioned theme to it. However, I also think that some of the decorations might be modernized by the magic that keeps the hotel neat and tidy, and keeps the hotel nice for it's guests.


I imagine the geography to be mostly roads and buildings and cities, with only contained parks, and no open land, exactly the way that Boston looks in real life. In Hotel Valhalla, I imagine that in the Hotel, there are some trees that are grown by magic. I think that the weather in Boston would be warm, as the story currently takes place some time around summer. And in Valhalla, it is always sunny, because it is kept that way by the Hotel's magic. In addition, Hotel Valhalla has a convenient secret entrance right in the heart of Boston, giving Magnus an easy access point.


I think that Boston is densely populated, since Boston is a city with many buildings, and it is very modernized with very few natural areas with nature.

I imagine Hotel Valhalla to be quite densely populated as well. Hotel Valhalla has been getting new guests since well past 2000 years ago, meaning that there are probably very many people who have died heroic deaths and earned the right to enter Valhalla.

Objects and clothing

Magnus mentions a Lexus while he is fighting the assassin, which would mean that the story must take place in modern times, because the Lexus is a modern brand of car. The characters also wear modern casual clothing, like a normal T-shirt with jeans or pants. There are also people with phones and headphones, which also shows that this book has to take place sometime in the modern times.


The mood is kind of depressed, but also almost like it is trying to be positive, or happy. The fact that there are murderers, and monsters, and that Ragnarok, or the end of the world, is near, sets a kind of scary, or depressing mood. However, Magnus has a joking personality, and it makes the mood of the story seem happier. In addition, Magnus's sword, Jack acts like nothing is ever wrong, and Jack always is said to be singing songs or listening to music. Overall, the storyline is kind of depressing, but the character's personalities make the mood more upbeat and happy.

The setting makes the story seem depressing, and hopeless, but because of the humor of the author, and the fact that the author makes the characters all have a positive and upbeat attitude, makes the story funny, and not as depressing as it would be. The fact that the entrance to Valhalla is also in Boston helps the storyline a lot, because Magnus can easily access Valhalla from Boston.



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