To kill a mockingbird "Point of view" Created by Richard Vo

Entry 1: Dill hears of boo radley
"Scout riding in a tire"

Perspective: Charles Baker Harris

My new friends Jean Louise Finch and Jeremy Atticus Finch early today told me the horrors of Boo Radley. They describe him as a monster that's six and a half feet tall that eats any cats and squirrels he catches. He had a long, jarred scar that ran across his face. He had teeth that were rotten and yellow. His eyes popped and he drooled most of the time. Although this, I still want to see him despite the rumors of him hunting at night. I want to see the malevolent demon of the night. He is a demon because people said that at night he emerges from his cage and cause the crimes Maycomb has encountered. He peaked my curiosity and I only want to know more. I'm thinking I should dare Jem to run up to the house and touch it. He's probably too chicken to even step into the property.

Entry 2: Mrs. Dubose flowers being destroyed by jem
"Mrs. Dubose yelling at the kids"

Perspective: Jem Finch

Despite Mrs. Dubose having wrinkled, spotty, and toothless disgusting face, I would sometimes wonder what Mrs. Dubose is thinking. It's interesting to think what she was thinking after snapping at us. She would constantly correct us as we read to her of our pronunciations. But she would slowly stop correcting us and she doesn't even notice if we stop in the middle of the sentence. We continued to read until an alarm clock goes off and Jessie shoos us off. This not only happened today but also for the past couple days. She asked me to stay for another week and Atticus told me I had to do it. I feel sorry for snapping at Mrs. Dubose. Even though she talk smack about Atticus causing me to snap, I learned a lesson from Atticus. That lesson is that no matter what Mrs. Dubose says, I can't snap like the way I did and need to apologize.

Entry 3: Tom Robinson's case
"Tom Robinson in the Stand"

Perspective: Atticus Finch

I tried my best that I could for Tom Robinson. I tried my best despite knowing that I was going to lose. This is because if I didn't, I can't tell anyone what to do. I couldn't even tell my own children what to do. I feel honored despite the expected losing because the African American stood up silently to honor me. Not just that, but my family also receive gifts of food from them. Despite all the evidence I have given, from his arm not being able to work properly, Bob being left handed, and Tom's brutal honesty, the prejudice of the community has won. At least I know I gave a solid case because it took the Jury a while to think of a decision for a long time. Sadly, Tom's death due to the attempt at escape has worsened the view of African Americans to the community. He took it in his own ways to escape a punishment he didn't deserve and it only made the situation worst.

Entry 4: Bob Ewell attacks the finches
"Boo Radley, the person who saved the kids"

Perspective: Arthur Radley

I have lost connection with the world. I feel isolated and lonely trapped in a cage. Rumors from the community made me out as some kind of monster. With the low amount of people who actually have care for me, I feel I have no where else left to go. However, the kids that often play near my house has made me have some form of connection to the world. They would sometimes get in my yard and touch the house, as if the fear of me has somehow turned into a game. I would give them gifts from the hole in the tree, and I think they enjoyed them. I've made connection to the world at one night. This night was an attack on the kids by Bob. He came, looking for blood, looking for vengeance. Despite the isolation and the shyness of going back outside, I went against my fear and kept the kids safe. Later on, Scout said hi to me and I felt a strong connection with the outer world again. I saw Jem resting peacefully and I wonder what he would think of me when he wakes. I wonder if this connection would only get stronger with them and the community.

"The title of the book"

This point of view assignment has taught me what it really felt like to be in the shoe of the characters in the book "To Kill a Mockingbird." In chapter 3, Atticus advises Scout that "you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view" (Lee 39). This quote signifies that some things a person may not understand unless they really get into the mindset of the person whose having issues with the thing. In this assignment, we crawled into their skin to see what it's like to be like them. Mr. Crooke's purpose of making this assignment is to show us what we don't know and how to know it. For example, a special word might offend someone but not yourself. You don't know why its offensive or its effects. But looking into the person's mindset whose been effected by the word, they'll see the horror and history behind it and learn to not use the word.

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