I watched a play With two others

Spatially I walked in inexperienced and not knowing what to expect as it had been my first play. Outside it was cool and breezy, I had been sidetracked going back around to park my bike somewhere decent. The lobby felt small with how many people surrounding the entrance made it give off a packed sardines sort of feel despite the openness of the lounge. I felt funneled when it came time to fall in line to swipe for attendance. Now things started to get good once I actually got in the theater. Felt great, being pointed to seats, settling into chairs with my other good life friends. We received a solid seating at stage left at a fairly median distance. I have to admit it was a cozy seating arrangement. It's always weird getting the social warning signs in your head to stop talking when other people stop talking when they realize something is about to begin, I don't think I will ever get used to slowly shutting up simply because everyone else is, freaks me out almost. Thankfully the auditorium was large enough where my distance from the play allowed me to see everything and not be bothered by the people around me. I believe a smaller area would have stressed me out in that being squished up against others would most definitely make it a more negative experience than it was. Honestly that's applicable to the idea of the good life in that for some people perhaps a more intimate relation and distance from others would be their ideal while people from myself would rather observe life farther from people.

Not pictured, my other friend.

What are humans but social animals? I found out two others from my fraternity were actually also in good life so I did the social thing and asked if they wanted to watch the play together. As pictured we did. Remembering that we had to be there by 7:15 we had decided to meet up by Graham at 6:30 for an un-rushed walk and talk before the play. In proper college fashion we left at the last minute and ended up making the play at 7:08, enough time for some quick pictures. Having friends around allowed me to throw around some ideas about what we might be seeing and why that may be relevant to the class, giving me proper material to add to this sparks story. After the play we all actually had opinions on what we had just seen and having others to bounce opinions off of was much more enjoyable than what I would have done alone which is stew in my thoughts. Having others around adds to a good life in that it may be harder to ever grow and be challenged in life living by yourself.

A door

Alright, seeing this play has opened my eyes. Abusing others for money is bad and people died in making our goods throughout history. Something for the textbooks really. And some people would rather move on than confront their past. Now I wouldn't say I knew everything about the subject matter at hand but I feel confident in saying I knew a good amount. Abuse of the weak and powerless, an age-old tale, wrapped up in an industrial era political art piece about making rich people feel bad about poor people in a play that criticizes plays that make rich people feel bad about poor people. I would say the performance has changed none of my views as the messages it gave were already my views. While the subject matter has no relation to anything directly in my life it does relate to my beliefs in how we treat others and how we may be able to fix our societal systems.

Inside the theater, another door.

This play provides catharsis in that people can "come clean" about the history behind our system and how the world treats the less fortunate, or how willing we are to turn a blind eye to the down trotted. That's all it does however, let people feel good for feeling bad and being "woken up" to all of society's injustices while continuing to perpetuate everything the play goes against. People will still continue to defend injustices because it would cause unrest or go against their beliefs. If a beloved actor, athlete or politician comes under fire rather than look at the evidence many will disregard what they dislike to feel right about what they do. People understand how horrible companies act in order to obtain the low prices consumers want (or don't want) yet they will still continue buying their cheap products while "thinking of the effort that goes into making them''. This play provides people a way to feel good about being a net negative on society. Hopefully someone better than myself walks away to become a positive.


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