Racism in The United States Since beginning of time, the United States suffers from racial discrimination towards african americans.

POEM: Perspective from a white american child who's parents are racists

I may only be 7 years old but I understand whats occurring around me. I know mommy and daddy are always yelling in the kitchen about my friend because she's a certain skin color? They're constantly yelling at me for playing with her. Mommy doesn't want me playing with Amarra. But Amarra has cool dolls.

Print Advertisement: A concern citizen who is promoting to stop racism towards african americans.

TWEET: From an african american college student

@proudblackharvardstud: " #BrownvBoardofEducation #YesWeCan"

Diary Entry: 16 year old Latina girl witnessing racism

Dear Diary, Today is September 5, 1957. Just three days ago Governor Orval Faubus ordered the national guards to prevent the nine african american students to enter Central high school. He says that it would be for their own protection, but I don't think those were his intentions. Sometimes, I do not understand all the fuss about letting Melba, Minnijean, Elizabeth, Ernest, Gloria, Carlotta, Thelma and Terrence come to school if they just want to get an education like the rest of us. Although, I'm a latina girl I still get discriminated against but never compared to my classmates. I wish races were not a major factor in society.


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