Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick rules By: Jeff kinney

Genre- This book is based off of a younger brother and an older brother who does not get along. Not only that but in this book you learn about the life of the younger brother named Greg. RodRick is the older brothers name, he always tries to cause trouble and get Greg in the middle of it.
Authors bio- Jeff Kinney is the author of the whole diary of a wimpy kid series. Jeff is at the age of 45 as of right now. His spouses name is Julie Kinney, they both live in Plainville, MA. Kinney went to the University of Maryland College Park. He has won many kids choice awards for best book also New York times best seller. When Kinney was young he always wanted to be a news paper comics writer. Unfortunately, his scrips did not get approved. So that is what inspired him to write books.
The Setting- The time period that this book was going on was around August. The author does not say what year I am not sure if he meant for people not to know? But in the book he does not really tell the location but if i had a guess at it, it would be in New York. Some of the ways i can tell is that they're a forest behind the characters house and he lives in a sub-division.
Plot Summary- This book is about a character that is named Greg. Greg has a odd ball family if you had to ask me. His Mother tries and tries to get him and his brother RodRick to get along but it never works. Gregs dad, who is obsessed with little toy army men.
Physical and non-physical characteristics- Greg is a 13 year old boy who looks like he weighs around 150 pounds and he is one of the nicer characters in the book. RodRick is a 16-17 year old boy who looks around 160 and is about 6ft. RodRick is not the nicest character he bullys his brother greg and blames all of the stuff he done wrong himself on greg. Mom she is just an average woman and she always takes everyone's side but greg and his fathers. Dad he is a average looking man but thinks the world of his kids.
Theme- What the author is trying to point out you you is when things are hard in life you have to push through it and most of times you have people in it that prevent you from what you want to do. The author is basically describing what happen to him when he was wanting to be a newspaper comic writer, so I can relate to what exact he is telling the story on.
Primary conflict and how it is resolved- The primary conflict is how Greg and RodRick never get along. How is that resolved? Well when their parents left to go to a friends place and RodRick locks Greg in the basement and throws a huge party and RodRick makes Greg help clean it up and they get where they share feelings because that's the first time they have bonded in while.
quotes- "Mom and dad were gonna be home any minute, so i we were doomed" pg. 100 this quote relates to the story because at this time they were cleaning up the house because of RodRicks party and if mom and dad figured out they were gonna be in a lot of trouble. "You could tell they were pretty relieved that the house hadn't burned down while they were away" pg. 102 what the author is saying here is that their parents have built trust in them.
vocabulary- Watercress? A salad that involves cucumbers mixed with green beans soaked in vinegar. Gutbusters? A game where someone gets a mouth full of water and someone reads a card and tries not to laugh. Leisure? A name for a high end place. Stealthinator? A name for someone who is sneaky at getting around. Pen pal? Is someone who you write to from another country.
Evaluation- My opinion on this book is that i wish they would have made it longer because i really enjoyed reading it but over all i highly recommend this book it is a book that can get you hooked on in a matter of pages. I would recommend this book to all readers that like reading for fun or even for a assignment. My three words to describe this book is Fun, Interesting, Enjoyable. Reason for that is because every time I read one of the diary's i get excitement in reading a book.
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