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Daria Dorosh, PhD is an artist, educator, activist and researcher working in the intersection of art, fashion, and technology with an interest in how these fields are converging on the body. In 1972, she co-founded A.I.R. Gallery, the first artist-run, not-for-profit arts organization to show work by women artists in the United States. Her exhibitions and public events examine emergent issues in a hybrid networked culture. She recently co-organized and moderated The Future is History: Feminist Legacies in Contemporary Art at the Brooklyn Museum, NY. An interview by Paddy Johnson, Concerns from The Second Economy: Daria Dorosh on the Baby Boomer’s Relationship to Technology and Art, is posted on Art F City. In While You Were Texting she is showing large scale digital prints from her ‘fashion monster’ series, which are richly patterned iconic images of female beauty that reveal another, somewhat menacing side. In the Story Rug series, she fuses layers of clothing into a map of cultural and personal events.


Gayil Nalls PhD is an interdisciplinary artist and theorist. Recent exhibitions of her work have taken place at The Museum Villa Rot in Germany; The Castle De Lovie in Belgium; and Five Senses, Art & Fashion Forum, in Poland. Of her 2016 publications, her essay “POISON: Coming to Our Senses” is included in the book Paradise Paradoxe (Zurich: Edition Patrick Frey).

Her on-going olfactory sculpture World Sensorium premiered in the Times Square 2000 celebration, released from above onto the crowd of two million participants as the New Year arrived. Gayil Nalls has had over 30 solo exhibitions and her work is in major museum collections including The Metropolitan Museum in New York. She is a contributing editor for Nautilus magazine, author of the blog Sensoria for Psychology Today and creates the collective behavior twitter feed @themassinglab.

In While You Were Texting, she shows her video installation Mechanisms of Biophilla. The title of the work references the philosophy that there is an innate and instinctive bind between humans and other living systems, and to be within nature is part of that urge. “A metaphor for the way human activity is affecting the speed of evolution” the artist says.


Jose Marinez has many years of experience combining technical expertise, a passion for innovation and business savviness. He’s contributed to great successes at large corporations – including among many Computer Associates, Microsoft, DoubleClick(Google),Nokia and Ericsson - startups, and supporting non-profit/community based organizations. His contributions have varied with every organization, but his most valued efforts are aligned with enhancing the lives of “everyday people.” From initiating open Wi-Fi networks in Sri Lanka, to 3D printing and physical computing at MIT’s FabLab and Internet security, José consistently pushes the envelope of innovation, but always with the end-user in mind. Currently, José spends his time hacking, designing, teaching and looking for ways to stay healthy to live to 600.

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