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RusBrus - production and construction company specializing in the design, manufacture and construction of houses made out of glued beams.

We have our own factory where are we made all the product. Here are some of the factory characteristics:

  • The total area of the site exceeds 10,000 sq. m.
  • The heating and drying complex efficiency is provided by a new gas boiler house based on DeDietrich condensation boilers
  • Convection-type drying complex with an automated control system “Secea” (Italy) and with the total dryable timber volume 1,500 m3 per month
  • Factory machinery is furnished with the latest equipment of European manufacturers, such as REX, Howial, Spanevello, Uniteam etc.
  • Details of the constructions are processed on Uniteam Covertek machining center with 5 axes and CNC with a 10 slots toolkit
  • We only use BASF Kauramin 690/1690 melamine gluing system made in Europe
  • All the employees (starting from a skilled workman and higher) has field-oriented higher education
  • There is a comprehensive control of all the material technological parameters, incoming quality control of raw materials and output product on the site. All the results are recorded.

Wood products

  • Wooden wall panels from glued dry solid wood 39 mm thick. Panel working width equals 270 mm and 370 mm, length – up to 6,000 mm. Details/pictures/examples - http://www.rusbrus.ru/stenovye-paneli
  • Glued wooden constructional beams for framings. Quality meets the European standard EN-391-B. Max beam length is 13,500 mm. Max cross-section is 380 mm (width) and 1800 mm (height). The material is pine/spruce. Production from Siberian cedar or larch is possible. Details/pictures/examples - http://www.rusbrus.ru/kleenyi-brus
  • Glued wooden constructions, roof timbers. For use in building of half-timbered, framed houses and glued wooden spaced structures. Details of the constructions are processed on Uniteam CNC machining center with 5 axes for beams processing and exchangeable toolkit. For the processing, the project must be provided in Cadwork or in any other design program (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc.). Our highly experienced structural designers are ready to design constructions of any complexity including all the necessary strength predictions. The component materials are pine, spruce, Siberian cedar, Siberian larch.
  • Glued profiled beam for house-building about 13,500 mm in length, with a windproof calotte, joists and timber parts fixation slots, corner calotte and angle connection capability through a dovetail joint. Beam cross-sections and prices: 135/185(height) х160/200/240/280/320/360/400 (wall thickness) mm or 270(height) х160/200/240/280/320/360/400 (wall thickness) mm. Details/pictures/examples - http://www.rusbrus.ru/kleenye-balki

Model houses

How does it work?

Client pick any model house on our website, we prepare all the needed parts and details at the factory, bring it to the construction site and put the house together as a constructor.

Details about the manufacture and construction processes:

  • The house is put together at the finished basement, fully manufactured at the factory
  • The panels design consists of a rigid frame made of glued (12% humidity) timber sections 240x100, 200x100, 200x50, 160x100, 160x50mm, with a pitch stiffness 600mm, paneled OSB 15mm, followed by filling the insulation panel cell type ecowool by injection to a density of 50-80 kg / m3.
  • After coating the panels on one side the lines of engineering systems goes into it
  • The panels are made on a special machine ( "Butterfly"), which allows to achieve high accuracy in the geometric dimensions; linear tolerance not more than 2 mm.
  • The panel is sheathed design surfacing materials with partial or full finish
  • When all elements of the house are ready they are delivered to the installation site in the back of a standard truck with transport dimensions of 2.4 (w), 2.7 (c) and 12.5 (dl) and mounted directly "on wheels” with the crane according to the blueprints
  • Place for technical equipment like (boiler, boiler, comb filters, electric / panels, stabilizer and so on.) accounted in the house design

We also offer: exterior finish, windows and flooring options, BBQ canopies, plumbing equipment, decorating interiors with wall panels made of pine, spruce or Siberian pine.

Half-timbered houses

Here are some options of the half-timbered homes. Click on the link for detailed info/pictures/floor plans etc.

Full list of the house models you can find here - http://www.rusbrus.ru/fahverkovyi-dom-sch-154 (press the arrows on the right top corner to see different models)

Construction of the half-timbered house

Houses made out of glued lumber

Building concept in terms of production and construction stays the same as for half-timbered houses. The full list of ready-to-build model houses with detailed info/pictures/floor plans you can find here - http://www.rusbrus.ru/dom-iz-kleenogo-brusa-v-85 (press the arrows on the right top corner to see different models)

Carcas of the house made out of glued beams

Our portfolio


Sascha Brand, 303-619-20-75, sascha.brand@kw.com (USA)

Andrei Vistinetski, +7-495-232-37-78, 2323778@gmail.com (Russia)

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